Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Ready

The Boise clogging competition is over. It was awesome, and honestly, a big sigh of relief to have that done.

I'm still grieving over the missed LTUE (Life the Universe and Everything) conference that I missed last week because I had to be in Idaho. Oh why can't I clone myself?

But now that the weekend is over, I'm starting to feel that before-Christmas excitement about my new book coming out. I'm ready. Waiting until April seems way too long.

And, I'm writing. I'm loving it. In a few months after I finish edits on this baby I'm sending it to my agent.
The writer side of me is waking up after a long winter. I'm ready for book signings, conferences and blog tours. I'm ready for a whole new slew of rejections from top publishers. Nothing like a rejection e-mail to start your day. Proof that you're a real writer.

Better yet, how 'bout a contract? I think I'm ready for that too.

Until then, I've got the Whitney Awards finalists to read up on so I can vote. I love the excuse to read like crazy. There are some awesome books on the list this year. Seriously people, these are some of the best books published in 2010. Pick your favorite genre and get reading too.

Hmmm, I smell a month of giveaways coming right up. We have to celebrate Wings Of Light's debut.

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