Monday, May 14, 2012

In no particular order

I didn't really mean to be a once-a-month poster, but I've been a busy girl.  Now that the LDStorymakers Conference and Clogging Nationals is over with, I'm taking a breath and jumping back into my regularly scheduled life. 

And, I didn't want to post something out of obligation.  I wanted to say something because I had something to say.

So here are some things I've thought about more in the last few weeks.

*Agents and editors are people too.
*Don't give up
*Sometimes when you least expect it, great things happen
*Be grateful, there is always something to appreciate
*Live in the moment
*It's okay to live only one moment at a time
*It's okay to be addicted to vegetables
*You would be surprised how many people you can relate to
*You would be surprised how many people share your same problems
*I'm addicted to reading
*Yes, you can live through disappointment after disappointment and still end up a decent person
*Make goals and stick to them
*It's okay to find a new way to fit all the old things into your life
*I will never finish the laundry

And now that I have some of those thoughts floating around, I'm going to pick one here and there and explain it later.  And I'm going to send you on a blog tour for my friend who writes awesome recipes.

Okay, I'll be back soon!

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