Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break

I know Spring Break happens for everyone, but I just wanted to celebrate this week a little.  I have felt so completely blessed to have the many things in my life that I do.  This year teaching at Centennial High School has been one of those blessings.  I feel like I'm at home.  I love my job and I love my students.  It is an honor to be there every day.

I have recently had an overwhelming feeling to get knee-deep into writing again, and for that I am also grateful.  I have been editing manuscripts and thinking about the next book I'm going to write.  It brings me great joy, the kind I cannot fully express.  I am dedicated to making my writing career successful as the years go on.  I hope you have had a moment to enjoy some of that too.

Last October I found a company called Dressing Your Truth.  This isn't a promo so much as it is me sharing what an eye-opening experience it was for me.  The program is about living your truth and recognizing the natural energy with which you move forward in life.  I have had to take a good hard look at who I am and then find out that who I am is a gift, and that who everyone else in the world is is a gift as well.  I read "The Child Whisperer", which I highly recommend to anyone who has associations with children of any age.  That has changed my perspective as a parent and I am more confident than ever that I can be a great mom.  I also am reading "Remembering Wholeness" both books by Carol Tuttle, where I am learning how much power there is in deliberate perception.

There is almost no way to express how blessed I feel.  There are big struggles on the horizon with my husband's company- his partners left him a month ago and left all of the debt when they did.  But I guess I know that we will be fine.  It's hard to explain, but I suppose I don't have to.

I have loved reading other books too, and have experienced joy in stories created by other brilliant minds. I hope you do as well.

Happy Spring Break!  I hope you find you are blessed as well.

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