Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Awesome You

It's been a really busy week, but I wanted to thank you all.

A person can do nothing until someone helps them along. A book can't sell unless people spread the word. But you have done so much more than that, and I am amazed and impressed, humbly honored and grateful.

Can I just say it? You Rock!

All of you. The ones who read this blog, the ones who are gracious enough to spread the word, the ones willing to buy a book from a complete stranger who is probably at least a little insane. All of you. You're telling your friends, family, people you know, and people you don't. Keep up the good work.

And, if you're still waiting for your very own copy, things should start moving along now. If you're waiting on me, it's because I've been out of town a lot. Did I mention A LOT? But I'm back now. If you ordered on Amazon, it's officially available, no longer on pre-order.

Someone asked me to tell a little about the last couple weekends.

Guys like my book. Major. I knew that they would if they ever took the time to pick it up, but getting it into their hands in the first place has been surprisingly easy. It must be the fabulous cover that I can take absolutely no personal credit for.

Last week a man came to my table that I was book signing at and asked about the book, etc. He said he had to ask his wife what she thought before he bought it. A half hour later he came back with his wife with a reciept inside the book and handed it to me to sign. I asked him who to sign it to and his wife gave him the look. "David" he said. It was really for him. It was pretty funny.

So far I've had boys from around 8-70 years old have me sign their book, no girls in sight. Interesting.

But, fear not. So far I've had girls from around 8-55 years old asking me to sign their books too. It's probably because all the ladies are so darn cute and look so young.

Anyway, the cover seems to draw attention to itself for practically every age, gender regardless. It's kind of fun.

A boy came with his dad and had me sign his copy. A couple hours later I saw him laying on the grass reading. He was almost half way done with the book. Amazing. He would have had to have read it straight without putting it down to get that far so fast.

One lady bought the book for her friend, but started reading it anyway. She came back an hour later because she wanted a copy for herself too. "Girl, this is a pretty good book." Too bad I can't put that on the back of the cover. She had me sign it for her daughter, but I bet you anything she reads it before she hands it over to her.

Another lady lost my book and her cell phone on one of the rides at Lagoon. Amazingly, she recovered both the phone and my book by the next day. Wow.

Someone else walked by and almost fell over backwards trying to back up. "How random is that?" she asked me. "I just read about your book on a blog."

See, people do see it. So cool.

I have a friend who just had boy/girl twins last month. Sleep deprived. Been there, done that. He got a book last week and then stopped me yesterday to tell me he had to get another book for someone in his family. He said he never reads, but he must be changing his ways. And changing tons of diapers. And watching tv in the middle of the night while he's up with his babies. For all you twin parents out there, I love you and I know how hard it is.

Now, go to and do a review after you read my book.... Please! It's not that hard and it doesn't take very long. It's on Goodreads too. Try it.

Or, if you are practically computer illiterate, read my book and tell everyone you know to read it too. That works even better.

Thanks for being the most awesome, good-looking and smartest people in the world. I know, I haven't seen most of you, but if you're as awesome and smart as you are, you must be good-looking too. Stop blushing. You can't help it if you're just that good.

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mitzi said...

Also everyone tag the book (with words you would use to search for it online) on so that it will come up more readily on search engines. Bethany told me to say this--I guess every Amazon account gets up to 14 tags. She did it on my account and on hers.