Friday, May 22, 2009

The coolest stuff

When I started writing Alvor, I did so in utter secrecy. Other than my husband, no one was to know that I could be so ridiculous as to think I could write a book. After a couple chapters I realized that I needed more than my perspective to see clearly. That is when my fourteen year old niece was dragged into the picture. She came over once a week for clogging lessons, and she willingly became my first beta reader.
When she told me that my book was as good as Twilight I knew I had to keep going. Of course I figured her opinion had to be completely biased because, after all, I was her aunt and she already adored me... ;)
When her family moved to eastern Idaho, I was left without my teen editor. I was only half done with the story, but she gave me enough of a boost that I couldn't not finish the book. Alvor was already decided. I knew the whole plot before I even wrote the first word.
Here I am, a year and a half after I started with this, and a lot has changed. The problem with not telling the whole world I was writing in the first place made it harder to let everyone know that I have a new book out in the second place.
I didn't even tell my sisters, brothers or parents about any of it until after I signed my contract.

But something very cool and unexpected has happened since then. I have had a chance to re-connect with people I haven't seen forever. By shamelessly advertising my new book, I've found my husband's side of the family has even more amazing people in it than I ever before realized. I'm getting to know everyone better, even people on my own side of the family. And it's all because I wrote a book.

How weird is that? I would have never thought that something like this could bring people together. The other side of the picture is blogging. I wouldn't have ever started a blog without this book. Now I can sit in the living room and listen to people who live hundreds of miles away by reading their posts. Who can put a price on that?

I know, I've gone sentimental.

As long as I'm sappy, I have to tell you how great it is to see people from all over America and also in other countries stop by my blog. On days when I think my book will probably never see the light of day, I look at all of you, and I feel hope again. You are what makes miracles happen. So, a big thanks. Keep reading, keep sharing the news and know that what comes around, goes around.

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