Saturday, October 17, 2009


Here's the moment you've all been waiting for. The winner of our drawing for a signed copy of Alvor goes to.....

2.0 Blog

Thanks- all of you who came and left comments and wishes. It was so fun to see what you hope for.

As for my birthday wishes, I'm still hoping they'll come true. But that's a whole different story.

Weekend update. Hmmm. Spent Friday feeling like I was going to die of strep throat. Wasn't fun. I really don't recommend it to anyone.

Today my brother came into town and took my twelve year old skateboarding at the skate park. My son talked about how cool it was all day. Which is saying something since we spent 9 1/2 hours in Nampa for two shows for Irish Dance Idaho. This was their big recital, meaning matinee and evening show.

My oldest said he ate more today than he has ever eaten in one day in his whole life. It all started with five pancakes, then a breakfast cookie, tons of water, a baconator, a cookie dough twist frosty, fries, more water, three granola bars, hot tamales, a spicy chicken wrap, a root beer, five more pancakes and some scrambled eggs. And this list started at NOON! It ended about 10:30 tonight.

My guess is he's going to get even taller. He's already taller than me. I can only go so high with the high heels before I'm going to have to face being shorter than my boy.

Alright, if you didn't win, please buy my book and read it anyway. I promise, you won't be sorry.


L.T. Elliot said...

Ah, the bottomless well of teenage boy begins. My little brother and his football teams ate their way through our home and a few others besides. ;)
I've got your book and I don't regret it!

Dave said...

Congrats 2.0!
You are going to LOVE Alvor!
Everyone who didn't win listen to Laura and get her book, it rocks!


2.0 Blog said...

cant wait to read it :)

Synergy Girl said...

That is so cool that Nathan did that...I still can't call him "Nate" feels so foreign...ANYWAYS, wish I could have been there on Sunday...I got the flu, along with Blazer, but not until AFTER I fair is that??!!! Anyways, hope to see you sooner than later...and my nepheew is DEFINATELY not taller than me...;)

Laura said...

Bottomless well indeed.

Tamra- Carsten is two inches taller than ME! Which, doing the math, makes him about four or five inches taller than you. Sorry girl, your high heels are only going to go so far too. I can't believe you ended up with the flu on Sunday! I stayed home with all the kids- the twins had strep.

Bella, your book is officially on its way! Hope you fall in love with it.