Saturday, October 31, 2009

You have the right to remain silent.

The squirrel that's been shamelessly running through the ceiling of the Bingham home has finally been taken into custody. After terrorizing a family with its morning antics, the squirrel (name with-held) went into the live trap on its own accord Thursday evening.

The suspect refused to make noise when the trap door shut, likely hoping to keep its new winter home even in the metal cage.

Authorities believe the squirrel had been living in the ceiling since October 24 making the intruder's stay six days long. No one has confirmed how it lived for six days without a water supply.

The squirrel was driven away from the home and released in another location.

In other news, a group of dancers (including my oldest son) are to perform Thriller (click here to see the news footage) all evening to commemorate Halloween and the passing of Michael Jackson. A professional makeup artist flew into town to make the dancers look like the authentic zombies. Dancers have been holding practices for a month to prepare for this event. Catch the Thriller action from 7-10 PM tonight at 1606 Harrison Blvd. in Boise. Dancers will be performing every fifteen minutes throughout the evening.

And, if you happen to get a trick or treater at your house before lunch today, be sure to give them something healthy to eat. It's probably my kids.


L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on the arrest of the squirrel! That's awesome about the thriller dancing. I hope they all have a fun time! Happy Halloween!

Melissa said...

Love all of it, from the evited squirrel to the Thriller Dancers. Wish I was there.

I'd give out cheese sticks to cute kids before dinner time. :)

Synergy Girl said...

HOLY DANG IT!!! I heard about that...I actually thought about taking the kids down there because we were pretty close over in Brian's parents neighborhood...!! Well, I missed out again...SHOOT!!! On the other hand, I am glad you finally caught your intruder!!

Nate and Robin said...

We're glad to hear your house is yours again.