Monday, November 2, 2009

Taking on the Schools

It finally happened. I went to my first school author visits today.


It was great! The third graders at Ponderosa were awesome. Always raising their hands eager to answer the questions and give their ideas.

At Riverglen Jr. High I got to have some fun with the seventh and ninth graders. Great kids- and good sports. They let me pick on them and we had fun.

And the results are in:

Cereal was the most common thing eaten for breakfast- usually consumed in five minutes with the exception of the boy who spent 20 minutes eating his Chex. He says he's a slow eater.

Veterinarian was the most common answer for what kids wanted to be when they grew up. Professional sports was second.

Talents- gymnastics and writing was the top two answers. To follow was football, soccer and my personal favorite- being nice to people.

More third graders are willing to admit their talents than ninth graders by far.

At least half of the ninth graders didn't know what they wanted to be when they grew up where as nearly all of the third graders did. I liked this. To me it proved that they were growing up and learning more about the world. It's hard to commit to a profession when you're only just figuring out what each career really means.

Old report cards get the attention of students and teachers. And some looks. I felt like I was a kid again when I got some of those looks.

From the teachers- they all said the same kind of thing. They wished there were more author visits in the schools because it's exactly what the kids need. And, bless her heart, the third grade teacher insisted that I inspired her, too.

So there you have it.

It's a good thing I didn't actually cry when I told the ninth graders that everyone alive has talent and that there is a lot in them that is just waiting to be discovered. I came close. Good thing I had the powerpoint to distract them and give me a second to pull it together.

Man, I love those kids.

I almost forgot! Go to Barnes & Noble in Boise --Tuesday, November 3, 7:00 PM and on. It's going to be a fun signing and I have some cool stuff to give away.


book weirdo said...

sounds like a great day and it's true more authors should visit schools and give us another perspective into other careers and hear some real stories into what it takes to follow our dreams. Seriously all authors are my heroes.

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations, Laura. Of course you'd do well but I just knew you'd inspire. Don't forget what you're offering these kids--hope. Belief. You're a powerful tool in the hand of a gracious Master.
Not to mention a kick-trash writer. ;)

Melissa said...

Awesome Laura. You inspire me.

I agree with the other commenters, more author visits please and you are a powerful tool.

Laura said...

Thanks- all of you guys. I'm off to school again today, but this time I'm not nervous. I'm excited. I never knew this would be so much FUN.

Nate and Robin said...

Glad to hear that it went so well and that you're more excited about doing it again. I truely hope that this continues to be a wonderful thing for you as I'm sure it is for the kids.