Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things I learned and we have a Winner!

Starting with our winner of the drawing for the Alvor giveaway. Today was the final day. Thanks to all who entered the contest. You all rock! Now go get Alvor and get ready for our next contest.

And the winner of a signed copy of Alvor goes to......

Shawna Lewis

Now for the weekend notes of interest. I learned a valuable lesson on Thanksgiving. Burnt potatoes smell a lot like cigarette smoke. Seriously. Don't ever leave potatoes on the stove for three hours (not that we meant to). The house is still recovering. My son's friends thinks he started smoking.

I bought some cinnamon scented pinecones tonight and my oldest boy begged me for some to put in his room. We already tried Febreeze but I think we'd have to use a whole can for it to work.

I spent some quality time at Costco today and yesterday. Idaho is a great place to live. Nice people here.

Some of my most interesting visitors today....

A boy came up to me- looked about ten years old. He said," I'm reading your book. I'm on pg. 250 or so."

I asked him how he liked it so far.

"It's really really good."

His mom and dad told me that they have been asking him why he doesn't just read the last 20 pages and be done with it. He said he didn't want to waste it. He's saving it for a certain time.

I know how that feels, not wanting a book to be over. I just finished reading Catching Fire and felt the same way. Now that it's over I don't know what to read.

Another boy, probably ten too walked by my table. He was looking at the floor and not paying any attention as he walked by. When he walked past my table his head popped up and he looked at me and smiled and said "Hi" while he waved. Then walked off still smiling.

Thanks to all the people of different ages who told me you read my book and loved it. You're the best!

But the one that really surprised me was yesterday. A big guy was standing behind my sign so I couldn't really see him. He was there for a few minutes while people came and went from my table. When everyone was gone, he came around so that he was on the same side of the table as me.

He said, "I want you to put 'Don't let anyone steal your dream.' and then from this name." He pointed to Adarae's name on the back of the book.

I signed it for him, giving Adarae new dialogue for the first time since I finished writing the second book of Alvor. And as he walked away I fought the tears. Don't let anyone steal your dream. That's what I need to remember. It's what I've been working so hard to keep. I spend hours teaching kids to find their dreams and live them while I struggle myself to hold onto my own. Everywhere I turn, another strike hits my dreams and I wonder if things will ever turn out in the end.

But I will fight for my dreams and not let anyone steal them. After all, it was Adarae's advice.


Dave said...

Gotta love little kids...AND big ones too! Congrats to the winner of "Alvor". You are going to LOVE it! If you have not read Alvor yet, I suggest you go on over to your local B&N and pick up a copy tomorrow. Its Sunday, so no excuses! Go get it! Its an amazing book.


Dave said...

Can't wait for your next contest where we pick a line from Alvor! Excited to see what book you pick to give away. Ill be entering and hope others will too. It sounds like a really fun contest!


ladystorm said...

Not read your books, but I hope to some day. Sounds like you had a cool time and kids can be great!

numberonedashnerfan said...

That was cute what Adarae had you write...Its so true...Hope your thanksgiving was good minus the burnt potatoes....Congrats to the winner you will enjoy her book hopefully as much as I did...