Thursday, November 19, 2009

Third Grade Fan Mail

Yesterday I had a big manilla envelope in my mailbox. Inside were 36 hand made thank you cards from the third graders at Ponderosa Elementary School.

Very fun.
I read every single card to my five year old twins who thought that the artwork was brilliant.
I agreed.

This one with the stop sign I had to stare at for a while. Pretty profound. At least I know that Jordan understood the most important message I was trying to share- Failure is not trying.

Never give up.

Among the comments of these kids....

Hailey said, "I think you should go to different schools. They would probably like it too."

"Thank you for coming and showing us all those pictures of you and your grades." Noel

"Thank you for teaching our class a very good lesson." Ethan

"I thought your grades helped you become a writer. Is that true or false?" Ryan

For those of you who haven't seen the school presentation, I show the kids my 5th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade report cards. And Ryan, I know a lot of what I learned in school is what brought me to where I am today. So, True.

"I thank you for coming. I like how you inspired us to read and write, and learning how to keep our grades up." Kiar

"My favorite part is when we mde up a story. You are very nice. Now I want to read Alvor." Grey

"I really liked your dog. I will follow my dreams, just like you followed yours." Kaitlyn

"p.s. I liked your book." Braedon

"How many kids do you have and how old are they? How often do you teach dancing? I would be embarrassed too if I left my folders and stuff in the car." Austin

This one made me laugh. Five kids, 13,8,5,5 & 2. I teach dance twice a week. And, my first presentation, I left my folder in the car after losing my keys in my bag before I left. Long story, but I did get my folder back. I ran as fast as I could to my car in between presentations.

"The best part was the pictures. I hope I see you again." Tariah

"I was very interested in your grades." Paetyn

"I really really like the part when you showed us your grades!!!" Paige

Note--If you want to make friends with kids, just pull out some of your old report cards. And-- the worse the grades, the more they like seeing them.

"I love hulahooping." Kassidee

Just thought I'd stick that one in there ;)

"Thanks for coming and calling me blue shirt and blonde hair." Alia

"It's cool how you were bad at Biology and then you taught Biology. You really inspired me to write a book even though I want to be a singer." Mallory/ the one with the crazy hair

"If I fail at the first job, I will try again." Triston

"You inspired me never to give up and to follow my dreams." Gavin

"If I ever write a book, you would be the main character of the whole story." Garrett p.s. You rock

"You are a wonderful author and you have fantastic imaginations." your friend Makayla

I didn't write something from everyone, but as you can see, these kids are awesome. - And funny, smart, observant and very forgiving. Just so you know, judging by the hundreds of kids I've met lately, our future is in excellent hands.


L.T. Elliot said...

How awesome is that? That's the best kind of fan mail ever. =]

lastnerve said...

that was such an awesome post! I came over here from the Latimer gang website. I also started following your site. I don't want to miss any of the future posts.

Val Pearson

Laura said...

Val, thanks for finding me. Now you're going to have to read Alvor and become a full-fledged fan. Ha ha ...

L.T.- I'm headed to Utah in one hour. Not very close to Sandy, but I'll be in Layton Barnes & Noble from 4-6 today.

Synergy Girl said...

How cool!! Will you come to my house and do a presentation!! My kids would probably love it they would get to see their Aunt!!