Monday, March 8, 2010

How could I say No?

The first thing I read this morning was an e-mail from a total stranger. Not just any total stranger, an eleven-year-old. Here it is....

Message: hi im logan and i am 11 years old and my mom bought me alvor for christmas and i started to read it and it was awsome i loved it.i wish so much for you to make a seires out of alvor i still have so many questions like whats going to happen with jole and eirn? or is bain going to be okay? will they find their mom or dad? is their mom and dad alive? and why did they get chosen? was the alvor geins passed down? was one of their parents part alvor? please laura if u could make a series that would be so wonderful.please.please it would just make my life so wonderful i would read it over and over again please laura please.i think u are an amazing writer so please for me i. even no that u dont no me please just make a a seires.

Wow. Too bad I can't put that review on the back of my next book.

Becoming an author is a ride. At first I spent all my time alone creating a story that somehow fell into my head one day. I didn't know anything about writing books, only reading them. I had lots of help in between and I've learned so much.

But I'm still amazed when someone picks up the novel and falls in love. And, I have to say, I love the second book of the series even more than the first. It's such a good story and it's definitely written. I don't think I'll be done editing it until it goes to press. Which brings me to the other side of writing. Publishing. That part isn't as easy as it should be.

But thanks Logan, for having so much faith in me and the courage to tell me. I won't disappoint. The process of making words come to life is a long one, it's nice to have encouragement along the way. Thanks for giving that to me.


Kelly Lyman said...

The email from Logan is the reason I write. I hope one day to receive an email like this. What a wonderful thing to know that you impacted a child's life by writing! Thanks for sharing. It has motivated me to sit down and revise today when I don't feel like it!

L.T. Elliot said...

That is the kind of email that I think every author wants. I know I do. Congratulations, Laura.

Laura said...

Kelly- I want you to know I spent the whole day editing Book 2- I still haven't found it a home, though.

L.T.- thanks. You already impact lives. You have to know that.

Sara said...

That email is the ultimate compliment. And, Logan asked a lot of the same questions that I am hoping get answered when I get to read the next Alvor book. I can't wait! :o)

Nishant said...

Thanks for sharing. It has motivated me to sit down and revise today when I don't feel like it!
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