Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Someone stole my e-mail address

If you woke up this morning and got a crazy e-mail from boisecloggers@hotmail.com saying I'm in London- I'm not. There's this great new technology that allows creeps to steal e-mail accounts. The password has been changed so now I don't have access to my account at all. That means if you e-mail me back, I won't get it.

It also means I don't have your address anymore. The good news is, I still have access to my gmail account. Go to www.laurabingham.com and send me an e-mail on the contact page.

So, how do you prevent this from happening to you? The technology they use can find any password except if it has a symbol in it. !@#$%^&*()_+=- That kind of thing.

If my facebook says I'm in Europe, it means they stole that too. We're still trying to figure how much they hacked.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the disturbing e-mail from the psychotic e-mail killer. Ironically, I haven't even been able to read the e-mail.

And, send me your e-mail address via my website if you are someone who I need to be able to talk to again.

Thanks for helping me out. It's a sunny day in Boise, Idaho. I'm hoping for 60 degrees. I've never even been to London, but if I go, I'll tell you first ;)


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh Laura that is too bad! I seen that happen with another blogging friend of mine. I received an email from her saying that she was out of the country and all her identification was stolen. She was in trouble and needed money and was willing to pay it back once she could get back to the states.

It read very real and I was scared for her. The only thing that tipped me off is that I was just chatting with her the day before and she had made no mention of a trip. I could see though where people might send money thinking their friend was in trouble.

My email is

journeythroughbooks @ gmail dot com

Laura said...

Thanks! It's been a weird day, that's for sure.

L.T. Elliot said...

I knew that wasn't you. I'm sorry for those jerkwads stealing your email.

Have you talked to hotmail? Can't they disable your acct. and give you back your password?

Sharon said...

THis happened to me Friday night. I'm on my Email when it shuts me down,"For security reasons". 6AM the next morning my phone rings. A friend just got an email from me saying I'm in the UK and lost my purse, and could she sent me $2,ooo.to get back home.
She knew it wasn't me because I had judt talked to her the day before.
Yahoo will not respond to me as to why and how they allowed someone to take my email account. I've been emailing them letters (The hackers)twice a day.
We need to get attention from ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. Then maybe Yahoo will listen and stop letting people stop this to us.

Laura said...

We're working on getting hotmail to respond. We've sent them notification.

To Facebook's credit, they've been easy to deal with. They're probably going to shut down my account for a while and then re-open it when they give it back to me. It's kind of strange, I can still get into facebook, but so can the hacker.

Synergy Girl said...

So basically you didn't get my reply...some lunatic did??!! RIGHT ON....do you know if this puts my emails at risk too?? Gotta love the world we live in sometimes...what a pain in the butt!!!

Nishant said...

She was in trouble and needed money and was willing to pay it back once she could get back to the states.

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Annie Valdez said...

It is really sad that the case of identity theft is statistically increasing—and the damage that it creates is relatively proportional. Anyway, the best thing we can do about it is to keep our personal info safe. That’s one of the reasons why someone else’s account was hacked. Anyway, were you able to retrieve your account?

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