Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Writer's Conference- WriteOnCon

If you love writing, want a chance to visit with editors, agents and authors, but don't want to pay a lot of money and spend time traveling, then check out WriteOnCon.

It's coming up August 16-18. The conference allows live online chats and question/answer sessions. The best part, besides that it's free, is that you can read all the info after the conference is over.

No matter what your schedule is, you don't have to miss this incredible opportunity.

Who is participating?

Agents include Michael Bourret, Mary Kole, Holly Root, Joanna Volpe, Natalie Fischer, Marietta Zacker, and Sara Megibow, Steven Malk, and many more people you’ll want to learn more about.

Authors and editors too.

It's an education you can get at home without the expensive registration fee.

Elana Johnson, author of POSSESSION helps run it. And I'm super excited. I will have the chance to get to know her better over the next year as we organize for the 2012 LDStorymkaers conference. Have you read her book? Do it. This is a tell-everyone-to-read it kind of story.

And speaking of cool author friends of mine, a big congratulations to Jeff Savage. He just landed a 3-book deal with Harper Collins for his Middle Grade series. Way to go Jeff!

And now a little plug from Jeff Savage about my newest book WINGS OF LIGHT (Oh, yes. You need this book)

“Warning: If elves, spells, dragon-riding, intrigue, mystery, danger, romance, and intercontinental pizza hopping are too much for your heart, you should NOT read this book. Otherwise, pick it up, take it to the cash register, pay for it through whatever means possible, take it home, lock the door (you won’t want any interruptions), and read it- NOW! Laura Bingham has penned another novel that fantasy readers of all ages will devour.” J. Scott Savage, author of Far World series

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L.T. Elliot said...

WriteOnCon is a brilliant idea. I'm excited for it. Elana's pretty rad too, I won't lie.

That's so awesome that you're organizing Storymakers 2012! Awesome and daunting! How do you do it all?