Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three agents and an editor...

We're already getting things set up for the 2012 LDStorymakers Conference. So far we've got Michelle Wolfson, Kathleen Ortiz and Holly Root as well as Molly O'Neil from HarperCollin.

Are you excited yet? I so am.

I love working with these people. I've learned so much over the last year and a half by getting to be involved in this side of things.

And, I've learned how very sweet most everyone in the book industry really is. People, in spite of the rejections you are surely getting (if you're submitting) it isn't because they're vindictive.

They're just professionals trying their best to do their job- to sell books.

The good news is that agents and editors are so great to work with so when you finally find the right one for your work, it's usually a good experience from there out.

We won't get into edits and how you might feel about those today. I'm on the love-editing side of the fence anyway.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, the LDStorymakers conference will be at the Marriott Hotel in Provo may 4-5. Hope to see you there!

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