Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Almost There...

I'm freaking out. I am taking the biggest test of my life in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!!!! AAAAaaaahhhhh. I've studied my brain out and I think it's melted into puddles and the steam is leaking out of my ears.

Am I going to remember anything?

I seriously need a miracle. Sort of counting on one. I'm planning on studying until the very last second, but will it be enough?

Oh yeah, and I'm turning older tomorrow and that really can't help my odds. They say one year older and wiser too, but I'm sort of thinking- one year older and more forgetful. Maybe being forgetful makes you wiser. Hmmm, there could be some correlation.

And dancing. Oh the dancing. I need one FABULOUS day. Just one day of doing what I know how to do without messing it all up. So many dances- I just need to be my very best for a few hours.

Okay, I'm done ranting publicly. I'll save my freaking-out session for loved ones and strangers on the street.

Meanwhile, if you live around here- COME to my book launch next Friday from 7-9 PM at my studio (2840 Wildwood St., Boise 83713). It's just a bit of fun. Bring the kids.

And the best part of today- my older sister's birthday. Happy birthday Tonia! It's always nice to know that someone will always be older than me. It makes me feel young. Ha ha... Good thing you never come to my blog! ;)


Christy said...

I have faith in you Laura! You are going to do so great! I didn't realize you were taking the test so soon. Good luck! I wish I were closer so I could be a guinea pig for you. :)
Happy Birthday to you.

M.A.D. said...

Happy Birthday, Laura and may your day be beautiful & bright! :D

Here's wishing you the best of luck on your test and prayers for that miracle!

Laura said...

Aaah, thanks you two! Thanks for sending such happy thoughts my way.

MKHutchins said...

Good luck!

Farnsworth Family said...

Happy (early) birthday!! :D And try not to be too nervous about your test coming up! You've been doing Irish for years and you're a smart cookie, it's going to be great! :)

Laura said...

Thanks Tiana, you're the sweetest. I'm going to try to take your advice. Someone told me yesterday that when I feel worried, I should fill my head with rhythms. It's working. I'm gonna make it out alive I think.