Monday, October 31, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night...

NaNoWriMo The best excuse out of the whole year to write starts tomorrow. Are you going to do it?

There are contests for people who write the most words. Support groups for people sprinting through a novel in a month.

Me? Uhm, I'm celebrating by actually getting my laptop and flashdrive out of hiding. If I can find my flashdrive. It's been SEVEN months since I last wrote.

I feel like I'm at an AA meeting. My name is Laura Bingham and I haven't worked on a novel for seven months.

Wait, I just found my pink flashdrive. (Why couldn't have been green?)

Now I want to plug it in and see if the story I started is still any good. Maybe I'll start over. It would be the perfect excuse...November starting tomorrow and all.

Then the question is, can I still write?

Yes, the seven month writing diet was painful. Necessary for studying for my TCRG exams, but agonizing all the same. And yes, it turns out this was a successful weight-loss strategy, not that I intended it to be, but as long as we're talking about diets...

But now that the diet is officially over, it's time to see if my brain still knows how to string a story. There's only one way to find out. I can't believe I'm nervous that I might have lost my touch. Maybe I wont' be any good at it any more. Writing might have been one of those flukes.

Even if it was, there's no way I could live without it. Bring on November. I'm ready.


MKHutchins said...

Awesome! Good luck with Nanowrimo!

Laura said...

Hmmm, you too!