Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Impossible Dream

Have you nominated a book for the Whitney Awards? Click on over and do. It's easy, and it's something you can do to encourage authors of your choice.

Yes, Wings of Light is eligible, should you feel inclined to make my day.

I've been thinking about writing goals, and general book industry things. The goal of writing in general has never been something I had stress too much about. I love writing.

It's figuring out how to juggle the industry and what I'm going to focus on there that is a little more ominous.

Do I spend a lot of time promoting the book I have out right now and hope that somehow a few more people discover how awesome my series is? It is awesome. I feel good about the soundness of the Alvor series.

Or do I let the marketing flop have its way and look to the future as I write yet another book and get back on the big house publishing horse?

It's a tough one. I usually lean toward the latter. If there is one thing that is clear in my mind, it's where I want to end up in my writing career. Sure, I'm not there- but the goal is. And I'm stubborn enough to keep working toward that goal. Loyal enough to not sway from what I want. And stupid enough to think that it's possible.

Shrug. I'm a writer.

And the beauty of writing- it has no time limit. I never have to quit.

I guess that's the beauty of life. No matter what it is, we all have the choice to make goals and keep them. To make life worth more because we put more into it.

Maybe you're like me and have such lofty goals/dreams that they seem impossible to catch. It's okay. If you don't know what you want, you'll never get it.


Tammy said...

I vote that you finish the series! I really enjoyed both books! I am a "happily ever after" kinda girl!

Laura said...

Thanks Tammy, and happily ever after should be everyone's ending.