Friday, December 30, 2011

Here's to New

I thought about doing a reflective post about 2011, but honestly, all I really have to say is stuff that happened in my life. Not only is it not-so-inspirational, it just wouldn't apply to most people. All that reflective stuff is something that will end up where only I can read it and weep.

Instead of focusing on the past, I decided to look to the future. The unwritten pages of the new year. Now that is exciting.

And every single person in the world has the same thing to look forward to.

A couple years ago I bought a bracelet for myself, one that I wear virtually everyday. I bought it for two reasons.

First, it doesn't stop giving encouragement.

And second, I believe that if you think positive things everyday, it helps.

Here are the words I think of everyday.

"Love Life, Be Brave" "Smile" "Laugh" "Sing" "Play!" "Dream" "Dare to be different"

"Wish" "Dream Big" "Be the Change you Wish to See" "Shine" "Love" "Choose the Moment"

So what are my new year's resolutions? Other than a couple things on my list, they are the same ones I've had for two years. It's all the little quotes on my bracelet reminding me what my life should be like.

It doesn't stop a bad day in its tracks, but even through hard times, it helps me to know that I've really given these things my best shot. I've tried to live up to those words. I've dreamed so big that I was sure I could never even begin to climb the mountain. Even when I've failed, at least I know I tried. And more, I know so much more about that mountain that I'm still going to climb it.

"Be the change you wish to see" This one is harder. Try it.

"Choose the moment"

There are so many. My bracelet seems to have better advice than anything I could come up with.

But when I slip that silver on my wrist, I feel like I'm re-committing. It's like I'm reminded of my new year resolutions every day.

"Love life. Be brave." Loving life may well be a learned behavior. A daily choice. To love life in spite of itself. That's where being brave comes in. Being brave enough to look hardship in the eyes and head straight through it with a smile.

So here's to your new year's resolutions. May you have some, however simple they may seem. More courage. More commitment. More determination. More integrity in doing those things you set out to do.

Words can be cheap, or they can be so valuable they change your life forever. It's what you make of them.

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Farnsworth Family said...

I loved that post, Laura! Definitely true, life is what it is, but only we can decide how to handle it. Thanks for putting it into perspective!! If anyone knows how to follow their dreams - it's you. Happy New Year!