Friday, April 20, 2012

Still ...

Last night my 7-yr. old daughter asked me when my new book cover was coming out. "Well, didn't you say you've written some more books?" she asked.

Yes, I have. But I'm still looking for a home for them. How do you explain that to a girl who has seen a new book for as long as she can remember? Isn't it that time of year again when I have a new book come out?

It does make me wistful. It even makes me almost willing to throw a book at a small press just to see a book cover. And I may still do that, eventually.

But right now, it's not time. Right now, writing has taken over. I need to finish what I started. Who knows if I'll sell this new one either, but I will get it done.

And whether it's this story, or three more stories from now, I am absolutely going to get where I plan to be.

Sometimes plans can take their own road, that's for sure.

On a different note, the LDStorymakers Conference is coming up in TWO WEEKS!!! Whew. I can hardly believe it. No. Seriously. I remember how busy I was last year, and I had a genius author helping me out and doing most of the work. This year I know is going to be just as busy, if not a touch more.

I love this conference. It's amazing. Hands down my favorite writers conference. If you're going, I can't wait to see you, or meet you for the first time. My goal is to make new friends, and keep the old.

If you're not there this year, and you're a writer, you should consider going next year. It's worth it.


L.T. Elliot said...

I wasn't planning to be at Storymakers but I will be. I'll be very happy to see you, Laura. *hug*

I imagine it is wistful for you at this moment, but I am very proud of you. You have two excellent books out there in the world and a host of them that are not yet out there. But more of them will be. When I met you in 2009, I knew you'd go places. And look at you: 2012, still writing, still dancing, still working your tail off. You're going places, Laura. You already have.

Laura said...

I wish everyone in the world had an awesome friend just like you!

Lauren said...

Maybe we should start a homeless shelter for books? I haven't found a home for any of mine yet, but I keep trying.

At this point StoryMakers isn't an option, but it was fun last year.

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