Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lost Stones by Paul Rmmasch

Paul Rimmasch's novel will grab you and take you for a wild ride.  This page-turner will take you through little-known American archeology and weave through history opening doors to new questions and endless possibilities.

Whether it's a romance that hooks you, or a fast-paced adventure, The Lost Stones delivers both.

I found myself reading through this one so fast, I was surprised when I suddenly came to the end.  I was captured all the way through.

In a recent press release about the book author, Paul Rimmasch, says this about the story;

“The Lost Stones is a story about Ammon Rogers, an Iraqi war veteran who is trying to rediscover his faith after returning from his military service. Ammon is struggling in this process, however, due to the gulf that he perceives to exists between science and religion.”

When Ammon is introduced to a self-styled “forbidden archaeologist” and his daughter, he is plunged into an adventure where he learns that the rift between what he learned in school and what he learned in church is not as wide as he once thought.

“The spiritual and emotional journey Ammon undergoes as the story unfolds mirrors my own,” Rimmasch continues. “As a young person, I had faith and science neatly compartmentalized in separate regions of my intellect. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that there was a whole world of archaeological, anthropological and other evidence that lends credence to matters spiritual. It is a whole world of evidence that mainstream academics in the best case casually dismiss, and in the worst case downright suppress.”

“The Lost Stones is the product of extensive research and contains copious footnotes and an extensive bibliography,” Rimmasch said of his work. “While I definitely want those who read my book to enjoy the adventure and romance of the story, I also want to enlighten and educate the reader.”

The themes of The Lost Stones are extremely relevant today, in a day and age where the drum beat of science seeks to drown out all things divine. “Every person who is conscientiously trying to come to grips with the faith vs. science debate must go through virtually the same process Ammon does in the pages of this book,” argues Rimmasch.

Although written from an LDS (Mormon) perspective, the messages of faith, friendship, and personal discovery will resonate with readers of all faiths.

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