Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two seconds

It's all I'm gonna take.  As I've steeped in my job as a teacher, the part-time full-time job that has successfully taken me away from writing until January, I've contemplated if it means I've stopped being an author. 

Does it?

The last book I wrote I finished in July.  Since then, I've only written a couple chapters of a new book.  I've been too busy to get into it all the way.

But I will.  I'm convinced.

In the meantime, did I stop being an author?

Shrug.  Not sure.

Thanks to all you writers  out there who have nudged me into at least doing book reviews.  It's the least author-ly thing, but it's something.

I still want it.  Writing is like a dream always waiting to come true.  I can't stop wishing for it.  It's with me even when I don't have time to spend with it.  The ghost that haunts me, and I don't mind at all. 

Anyone out there going through something like this?  Can't wait to "get back in the saddle."

Signing out, from the once-author hoping to be an author again soon.

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