Monday, July 26, 2010

The end of July

At the beginning of the summer I was actually looking forward to having some time off. No book tours, signings, traveling and conferences. Nope, I was just going to be a regular person this summer.

It turns out that we've somehow filled up all that extra time. Instead of my husband filling in when I'm gone, I've been filling in while he's gone. Give and take.

I'm finding out that I do go a bit stir-crazy when I don't have something to gear up for. It's weird. I like working.

I'm still anxiously waiting for a book contract or two.

But in the meantime, I've been, well, being mom. I need a magic wand that makes me enjoy doing housework. Better yet, one that will get it done for me. Or is that Mary Poppins?

But, here's a picture of my latest highlights. My life.

*Spent 8 hours soaking my fingers in acetone. But, I finally removed every toxic particle of those stupid MMA acrylic nails, which, I learned will dissolve your nail beds if left on too long. And, since I refused to rip my nails off, they will hopefully recover.

*My kids found a baby-almost-adult bird yesterday that is all but ready to fly. They made a nest with a box and have been feeding it worms. I don't know if our tiny bird will survive, but the kids give it round-the-clock care.

*Spent a couple hours with some out-of-town family. My niece had her bridal shower on Saturday. I wish they didn't live so far away. I miss them all so much.

*Drum roll please... I've almost finished finding what I need for my twin's 6th birthday. The only thing I've failed completely at is finding a little stuffed animal snake. I've been to nearly every store in Boise. At Barnes and Noble they told me he was disturbed. Who would even want a stuffed animal snake?

*Oh yeah, and writing. Ever writing. Last week I sat down for a few hours and mapped out chapters of the book I am writing so that I would know specifically where it was going and that it did indeed have a good story to keep it going. And now I love the story again. It's been emotionally hard to write. The contemporary side of it is dealing with a very real and very hard problem. One that can't ever have a really good ending, but has to in my story.

*We're still remodeling the ceiling in our living room. Half of my house is a construction disaster.

Well, that's about it for today. You can all look forward to another gift card giveaway in the coming week or so. Yay!


Cholisose said...

Sounds like a busy life! Good luck with the book. I've always found it helpful to write down a couple pages about what I plan to write about for the next week or so. Not a hard-core outliner, but it helps to have an idea what I'll be writing...

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm usually not a hard-core outliner either. With this story, I needed to prove to myself that I had enough direction and plot to make it a real novel. One great idea does not a story make.

Happy writing.

LeishaMaw said...

Your summer sounds a lot like mine. Kids, construction, writing. No nails, though. Been there. :)

Melissa said...

we are disturbed. We have a stuffed snake.

It frequently is used to freak out the mother.


Can't wait to read more. :)xoxox

Marny said...

My four-year-old has a stuffed four-foot, two-headed snake, so your kid can't be disturbed. :)

Laura said...

On his birthday, a purple and black stuffed snake arrived magically in the mail from He sleeps with it. He ties it around his waist so he doesn't forget to bring it on vacation. People, we have a snake and a very happy six year old boy.

Oh, and a magic mom, too. ;)