Friday, July 9, 2010

New Hobby

I read another author's words claiming he needed a new hobby. At first I thought "Why?".

I'll admit. I'm not that multi-talented. I am okay at a handful of things. And when I say handful, I mean about three.

Everything else is just survival. Necessary tasks in life to get through.

I've always said that I failed as a girl because I lack the ability to enjoy/do any crafts. Crafts are part of our culture. You know, interior design, throw a picture on the wall. Cooking, if you can eat it, you'll make it through another day. I can sew, but I'm a lot more interested in the final product than the journey. And all that artsy stuff, painting, floral arrangements, etc. I fail at.

If you find something adorable on my wall that looks homemade, I can assure you someone gave it to me.

But then, after a domino effect that I can't figure out, a new hobby emerged this week. I'm sure it will be another phase, but hey, I'm going to enjoy the ride. I discovered the art of making beaded watchbands. Part of the draw is how it completely lacks any serious art talent. But there is something soothing about stringing beads, uhm, not that I've made more than two.

So for this craftless girl, I'm creeping into a new horizon. Barely. If nothing else, I'll be able to give you the time in several different colors.

Oh, and writing. Loving writing. But I don't think that counts as a hobby anymore.

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