Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's Get It Started...

There's about six other people in this world besides me who think of black and pink costumes when they hear those words..." Let's Get It Started". Clogging routine choreographed by my ever talented neice.
For the rest of the world, I'm ready to get it started. I'm going to Utah this Saturday, taking a semi-vacation with my family and attending the BYU Writer's conference sprinkled with some book signings here and there. Never tried that before. Family vacation/writer's conference. Should be interesting.
I have a feeling my husband is going to miss me by the end of the day. If I weren't so brain dead and ready to spark the synapses, I might feel bad. But, alas, bringing the whole family to Utah was his idea, so I'm thinking he'll find a way to have fun with five children for five hours a day for five of the days. What's with the fives?
But the get-away will be good for all of us. A little swimming, sunshine and time away from home. For me, time to write in a kid-free environment. What more could I ever want? Well, come to think about it...
I am really excited to meet some incredible people in Utah- at the writers conference and at book signings. The way I see it, anyone who goes to my book signing is awesome beyond words. See the post below for details about when and where the book signings are. But Borders. I feel like a real author or something. Very cool.

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Synergy Girl said...

You ARE a real author silly!! And I have been soliciting your book to as many people as I can!! I hope you enjoy your week away!!