Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where did May go?

It seems impossible that it could be June already. I mean, it's warm outside, I'm ready for school to be out, but I still can't believe it's here.
Tomorrow morning I'm going to two different talent shows. My sixth grader is Irish dancing at the Middle school, and my second grader is clogging at his elementary school. It's going to be a fun morning.
We're headed for Utah soon, too. I'm going to the BYU writers conference next week and doing some book signings while I'm there.
If you live anywhere near the signings, I'm begging you to stop by. Even if you have a book. If you still need a copy- bingo- you'll be in the right place.

Here's where it's all happening...
June 10- Confetti Antiques and Gifts 1-3 PM 273 N. Main St., Spanish Fork, UT
June 10- Pioneer Book 4-6 PM 135 West Center, Provo, UT
June 12- Borders 5-7 PM 4801 N. University Ave., Provo, UT

And if you live in Boise, I have another signing coming up...
June 26- Rediscovered Bookshop 7-8:30 PM 7079 Overland Rd., Boise

Did I mention that I really would love to see you?

In other news. Next stop: finding an agent. I'm still wondering if it's even possible, but if by some miracle I end up with one, I'll be sure to tell you every detail I can think of just in case you're looking for one too. So far, I'm thinking it's toss in as many lines as you can and wait to see if you get any bites. Ever notice that you do a lot of sitting around when you're fishing?

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Sahara said...

I just finished reading the book and WOW!!!!!! I loved it!!!! I'm not just saying that, either! Erin and Bain are so well-developed as characters. Actually, the entire world of the faeries and elves are very well developed. That is one of the elements that I tend to look at critically in the books I read. I could easily visualize each creature and the rooms inside the cottage. Would you welcome some fan art based on readers' imaginations? Finding out what the alvor were at the beginning of the book was very enchanting. I think this would be an excellent book to read aloud to a child each night before bed starting around maybe 8 years old. I also loved the lessons learned by the twins about honesty, the ability to make choices for oneself, and the strength of friendships. The last third of the book was so exciting and the ending has left me looking forward to the next one. I have sent a copy to my sister-in-law's kids in Seattle and so far they are enjoying it, too. Anyway, great job! I am so happy for you to have published such a beautiful piece of work. -Sarah B.