Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Journey-

Check out A Book Journey blog.

Sheila was nice enough to post an author interview. She really does her best to make me look good.

It's people like Sheila and Dave Lateiner and others who are gracious enough to read my book and tell the world what they think, that make my future so much brighter.

But there are others. Reviews on, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble (all except the guy who said "fun but not fantastic"- we don't like that one as much)-- there are so many who have taken a stand to help my book rise out of the sludge of millions of books available. Thanks everyone.

And so many have never met me. I mean, I would love to meet them- but they did this without any chance of gaining something. It is out of the pure goodness of their hearts.

To all of you who have told someone to read Alvor, I owe any success I might enjoy to you. My career is in your hands. Thanks for being so completely awesome.


L.T. Elliot said...

You're very gracious but you forgot to thank one person: YOU.

Magenta said...

I read your interview with Sheila. She's really nice! It must be so exciting and fun to get interviewed. ^_^

I've got big news! I know you will appreciate my utter excitement when I tell you that... a friend got me Alvor as an early present for my birthday! He gave it to me yesterday, and already I'm on the 15th chapter!!!

Just so you know, my birthday is on the 7th, and I'm turning 18! ^__^ *squeal* SO HAPPY!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Magenta!! Sweet 18.

You are cruising through Alvor- I hope you're enjoying the ride.