Monday, September 14, 2009

Ten Things

Now you know what happens when a biology teacher/writer/dance teacher needs a better perspective. I know. My posts have been a little on the science side, but I don't apologize. I love science. I'm not even sure why. Biology is the study of life. What could be better than life?

If you think about it, writing, dancing and biology have a lot in common. They all explore different sides of life. Thoughts, emotions, moods, action, character, change, and truth. I guess now you're starting to understand why I'm so strange. Oh well. It was going to happen sooner or later.

I wanted to make a list of ten things, but I'm liking the Ten Happy Things List even better.

1. Smile (even if you have to fake it for a while)

2. Make Friends (easier said than done, but definitely worth it)

3. Avoid Comparisons (I really need to work on this one)

4. Have Goals (I have too many)

5. Devalue Money ( I'll be chanting this to myself all day)

6. Say Thank You (My five year old boy said this after I cleaned up a half a gallon of grape juice he spilled on the floor. It was the sweetest words I've ever heard.)

7. Take Initiative (no problem)

8. Savor the Everyday ( Even if my other five year old shattered a jar of grape juice on the floor the very next day after I finished cleaning up a half gallon from her twin brother. Savor the glass cut on my thumb. Savor the fact that my kitchen floor is super clean because I had to move the fridge to mop under it. I'm savoring....)

9. Give Away (Give away or give up feelings of inadequacy, stress and worry. Give away to others more love, kindness and gratitude)

10. Exercise (This one I like. Don't even say it. I can't help it. I actually like moving around. It doesn't hurt that I have a book holder on my exercise equipment. Exercise = Reading. )

11. Chocolate. (They just forgot to put this one, right?)

So, world, here's the scoop. I'm leaving Boise Wednesday afternoon and driving down to Utah. At approximately 5:30 AM on Thursday, I'll leave my brother's house in Murray and drive 3 1/2 hours to Cedar City for a Librarian's Conference. I still haven't determined if I'm completely crazy to choose to do this, but I doubt I'll figure it out before I leave.

Friday will be very fun. From 2:00-5:00 I'll be at the Barnes & Noble in Sandy, Utah. They're doing a Educational Event for the new school district. Hopefully I'll meet a lot of teachers and librarians.

Saturday from 12-4 I'll be sitting in the Lehi, Utah Costco.

And, if you have any advice about what makes the best car snacks, I'm all ears. I'll be driving six hours a day Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. My brain is melting just thinking about it. I would never survive as a truck driver.

But don't worry. I'll be smiling, making friends with the steering wheel, avoid comparing my little blue truck to the sports cars, have the goal to make it safely to my destinations, devalueing money, saying thank you, taking initiative, savoring the road, giving away hours, and exercising my driving skills. And above all, eating chocolate. I'll be a happy driver.

You can't tell that I'm trying to talk myself into getting excited about this, can you? Ha ha ha...


Teri said...

Lovely post! Great things to remember! Too bad I can't make it to your signing in Sandy, my in-laws live there, giving me a perfect excuse to show up, but I'll still be at work. Perhaps I can sneak out early..... :)

Laura said...

If you do happen to make it- that would be awesome! Good luck.

mitzi said...

I just copy and pasted the 10 Happy Things into Word and printed it to put on my fridge---I need help in this area sometimes...

Laura said...

You know what they say... Everything I needed to know, I read on my fridge.

Or someone else's fridge.

Thanks Mitzi.

Melissa said...

LOVE the list. Thanks for that. Don't we all need reminding of the basics sometimes? Enjoy your trip. I'm thinking time alone in a car sounds marvelous! :)

L.T. Elliot said...

What a great list. Traveling snacks? I love Gardetto's. =]

Anonymous said...

That's so great and I hope it is a success!