Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's not today, right?

When there's no school on Monday, it messes everything up. Yesterday we had another Saturday. Everyone tried to stay up a little later. Some even succeeded.

My eight year old said to me last night, "I don't have school tomorrow, right? Tomorrow's Monday and it's a holiday."

How confusing is that? "Uhm, today is Monday and you DO have school tomorrow." That was me, the responsible mom.

This morning my husband woke up late. That's when he realized that our twelve year old son was still asleep and school started in fifteen minutes. Either he pedaled his bike double time or he got the first tardy of the year on the fifth day of seventh grade. Bummer.

My twins were convinced they didn't have school today. "It's not today, right?" That's what my five year old boy kept asking.

As they waited at the bus stop, they kept looking down the street for the neighbor girl who waits for the bus with them. She never showed up. "Are you sure we have school today?"

The bus did come and everything worked out.

Except the fact that as soon as everyone was gone and my two year old decided to tak a nap, I realized how completely messy the house was.

I think we're experiencing delayed school lag. At some point the weather is going to turn downright cold, the sun will go down sooner and my kids will finally accept that summer is officially over. But looking out at the clear blue sky and the green grass, I'm still thinking "It's not today, right?"


Magenta said...

That was a funny story. ^,^ Labor Day, he he. I can see how no school on a Monday can confuse things.

btw, it was my birthday yesterday! Oh, and I finished Alvor! ^_~

Laura said...

You finished! What did you think? How was your birthday?

L.T. Elliot said...

I totally did that last night. "It's only Tuesday, right?"