Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beauty Secrets

The young don't know how beautiful they are.
The old don't know the grace and sophistication they've acquired.

I've read blog posts about the question.... Would you take a pill if it promised to give you the perfect body, but made you dumber, or would you take a pill if it promised to make you smarter, but uglier?

Over and over, the results come in the same. The majority answers with the pretty but dumb pill. I've never considered myself compellingly stunning, but there's no way I would take a pretty pill that made me dumber.

But on the other side, I'm not all that excited about taking a pill that made me smarter but uglier. I mean, I've got enough natural flaws to deal with, I really wouldn't want to add to it.

What about you? Would you take either one?

Here's my two cents. Everyone needs to take what they have and make the most of it. You can always educate yourself and become smarter. And I'm an advocate of taking care of yourself.

Maybe the reason I've been thinking about this is because of the BOOKEXPO AMERICA that starts today and goes through Thursday. Among the books listed are 13 beauty-related books. I guess I was surprised how many beauty books were there.

You can find Top-Model Secrets, What to eat to look Younger, and, yeah, even Teen Plastic Surgery Tips. Are we really that concerned with how we look? It kind of seems like it.

I get wanting to be pretty. I eat right, exercise, wear makeup and do my hair. But is that enough?

If you're willing to wade through the deep waters of beauty secrets, maybe it's not. People like me sometimes wonder what beauty-savvy people think when they see someone who doesn't know all the secrets.

Maybe ignorance is bliss.

Or maybe the ignorance is not seeing the beauty that is inherently already there.

Because the young don't know how beautiful they are and the old don't know the grace and sophistication they've acquired.

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Kerren said...

Those are very profound thoughts, Laura! (And of course, they're written by someone I consider to be absolutely beautiful and brilliantly wise!) Enjoy your days ahead!