Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the Horizon

I figured this would be my last day of semi-sanity this week, so here I am. After today, the confetti hits the fan.

Tomorrow is our annual Spring Show for the Boise Cloggers. Outside in our front yard, to be exact. And the weather? Hmmm, right this second it's raining. Rain and dancing outside don't mix very well. But you never know, we could get lucky and have some sun tomorrow.

It's open to the public. Just come on over at 5:30 and watch. If you live in the area, use the phone book to find us. If you live in Hungary or Utah or something, you're out of luck.

Anyway, it's a ton of fun. For years I participated in dance recitals where parents bought tickets to watch their kids dance in a auditorium somewhere. The director runs around trying to make sure that everything is perfectly perfect and heaven forbid someone talks backstage.

When it was my turn to run the show, I voted for the great outdoors. Clogging was designed to be performed outside. Our footwork only requires a floor. In fact, all seasons of the year we have had the opportunity to dance outside for different events. (Probably my all-time favorite being the World Special Olympics in freezing cold January.)

Having a dance recital outside turned out to be the perfect solution.

No tickets to buy. No dark wings to hide in before it's your turn to dance. And, best of all, you don't have to be so quiet.

It helps if the sun decides to shine, though.

Then first thing Friday morning I'm heading for Utah. The CONduit is this weekend. Click here to see my other post about it.

I'll be doing a reading at 2:30, a panel discussion "YA's Not Just Bigger Kids" at 6:00- both on Friday and a book signing Saturday at 4:00. If you're going to be there, please stop and say hi. I'm really looking forward to seeing my Utah friends again. Utah is awesome.

And for those authors who will be flying back from the BEA just in time for the CONduit, all I can say is how jealous I am.... and how someday I hope that it's me. A girl can dream.

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