Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EAT LOVE PRAY- and those who won

It's been two weeks since I posted the contest for a $50 gift card to CSN stores and EAT LOVE PRAY book giveaway. Today's the day we announce the winners!

Congratulations to ladystorm, winner of the gift card and theladya, winner of the book.

And thanks to everyone who took a moment to share some of your dreams. I loved reading all the places you wanted to go and what you hoped to learn someday. And I think everyone had some attainable aspirations. So go for it. Learn it. See it. Someday you will if you want to badly enough.

I appreciate how diverse the people are who come to share a thought here at my blog. There are many days when I wish we could see each other in person. The things I could learn from you would be endless.

As for a quick update... the last two weeks I

1. spent hours editing the second book of Alvor. Crossing my fingers for a contract soon.
2. went on a mini-vacation to McCall and had a blast with my family. Too bad laundry waits for me now.
3. still writing, but hey, editing more than writing.
4. housework and all the stuff I try not to think about. Been busy with that too.
5. picking out new costumes for my cloggers. Where's my genius sister-in-law when I need her?
6. did a book presentation for some young women in Mountain Home. It made me want to do more visits. I love it.

There you have it. Hope to have some good news to share about books soon. Notice the word HOPE. Key word.

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