Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your Words

A day in the life of all of you... I couldn't resist! These are all your words.

Nothing interesting happened today.

We had to read a LOT of Puritan poetry, Dante, my husband is reading Maze Runner, the Maze Runner was incredible, finally started reading the first 13th Reality book to my son and just got a dopy of Joy Feilding’s Charley’s Web in the mail today. I love the smell of a new book!! Even if I don’t win, I’m getting it the day of!

I have my final Japanese test, a chemistry quiz, a PreCalc test yesterday and totally blanked on some formulas, but I got an 82! I got 100 on my math test.

Today my youngest had his first homework for kindergarten and is going to his first piano lesson. I took a flower arranging class. I’m not very creative but I love flowers. My students would FREAK if I brought in an ARC of Scorch Trials. I play volleyball for my high school team. I love sports and reading. Hour long violin lessons and piano lessons. My softball team had to move up to the harder division. Very exciting!

I just cleaned out a bag of rotting potatoes. I packed 2 boxes today. I packed the pictures on the walls and boy, does it look bare. I picked about 240 dozen ears of corn. I’m expecting around 1,400 4th graders to come through my corn maze. I’m almost done painting my office and can finally move the furniture back in. Yay!

Tomorrow is my fiancee’s birthday, and I’m very excited to go out to eat. I am going to be a mother-in-law for the first time. I have 6 children and still find time to read. I was feeling tired and stretched in many different directions and all the suddenly elastigirl popped into my brain from the Incredibles and I thought, I am like a superhero! Aren’t all moms? My baby brother just fell on his butt while trying to walk… when I’m in college he won’t even be in kindergarten. My two year old is FINALLY potty trained!! My brother is getting married on Saturday. I have a nephew now! Today my mum just came back from a conference in Klang, Selangor. I’m so excited she’s back! I just came from lunch with my sister-in-law.

My china cabinet fell over today and broke all my Country Roses china. I only have 1 tea cup left….sniff.

We waited last night to see if we had to evacuate because of the Machine Gun Fire in Herriman.

I’m actually scared right now. I am having surgery to remove the cancer next to my right eye. But I know that I am going to make it, and that the sun will keep coming up each morning.

I tried picking out a picture, for what road I’m on, but I couldn’t decide! I think it’s probably sort of like Lombard’s St. in San Francisco.

A squirrel peed on my head today and I wish I was kidding. But I’m not.

I’m so excited- I’m getting a service dog next week. My cousin left me with his dog while he is gone and Mondo is a sweet dog. I wish I HAD a dog.

I got more than 1 hr. of sleep last night! I couldn’t sleep and have been up from 2:30 a.m. and now wondering how I am going to work this morning!

I am a bored banker who writes on the side. I was mentioned on a HUGE online interview with Selena Gomez. I’m a medical transcriptionist and the A/C is always out. I just got my first rejection from an editor this week, but it’s okay because it was very nice.

I just ate a Bagel, egg, sausage & cheese sandwich from McDonald’s. It was delicious. I made Spaghetti for dinner tonight and if I may say so myself, it was DELICIOUS! Today I ate out of a chocolate fountain at a dinner for my college’s honors program. I am being lazy today and got a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

I threw my pillow at my tv after watching the season finale of True Blood.

I live in the Philippine Islands in Asia and we scarcely get the good books in the bookstore. Any bookworm would die out here.

I saved a baby from choking.

I heard from a friend today that I hadn’t heard from for a very long time.

My favorite color is mauve, I like rabbits (to pet, not to eat) and if I don’t leave right now, I’ll be late.

Hope you have a nice day! :D


Synergy Girl said...

And I thought MY life was interesting...!!!

Sara said...

That was such a great post! Thanks for sharing!

L.T. Elliot said...

How cool to see everyone's days. And I was humbled by the different hardships and blessings in each.