Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A peek into my glamorous life....

If you thought that meant posh furniture, console tables with roses... hmmm, it's making me want one just thinking about it.... then you haven't seen my glamorous life.

It's October and I've been in a bit of a funk. I spent the last two days sewing a witch dress for my six-year-old and avoiding the general population because I have pinkeye. Pinkeye does not look better with makeup, by the way. Still pink. And if it's so dang contagious, I'm guessing it's only a matter of hours before my other eye catches it... ha ha ha.

But sewing. You know, the weirdest thing about sewing is that I normally hate doing it. But then October funk rolls around and all I feel like doing is sewing costumes. Seriously. It's almost like an obsession. I don't want to write, do housework or anything but sew the cutest little costumes.

Don't worry, I'm gonna get over the costume thing really soon. The dress is almost finished, but the Zorro cape waits for me. I need a sword right now. Whipping that thing in a big fat Z would be so satisfying.

Told you I was crazy.

And, because I wanted to find out first hand what CSN stores were like, I decided to review one of their products. There are so many things, how will I ever choose????

Do I go with the floating globe or the aqua towels? Or should I be more practical and buy a light for the living room? We don't exactly have any lights in our living room. Did you know CSN has over 11,000 pendant lights to choose from? I think I'm going to make my husband choose.

As long as I'm aimlessly rambling, I have to tell you that I'm reading FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan and I'm loving it. It took me by surprise. This is one of those stories I will read more than once. It's such a rare treat to randomly buy a book and have it be such a winner. Get it. Read it. It's that good.

Okay, my mountain of laundry calls. Back to my glamorous life....


L.T. Elliot said...

I wish I knew how to sew decently. I basically know how to sew a stitch and that's it. You're so multi-talented, Laura. *hugs* Wishing you lots of costuming and fun new living-room lights.

Synergy Girl said...

WOW...you sew their costumes??!!! JEALOUSY!!!! I wish I were so talented sis...!! Well, we BETTER see pictures of said projects for sure...!!!

Well, hope all is well over there in BOISE LAND...I wish I were there...hmmm...maybe I'll be Dorothy for Halloween...think it'll work?? I guess I'd get some pretty stellar shoes outta the deal anyway...

Laura said...

Sewing was a survival skill when I was in high school. Clogging dressed... need I say more?

Pictures... yeah, I'm gonna have to do that sometime around Halloween.

Tamra- you'd make a cute Dorothy. What's Brian, the Tinman, the Lion or the Scarecrow?