Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wicked Good Shoes

I had to choose something. Something......

It took me hours. CSN has so many choices.
Did I go with the light fixture or the globe????

Well, my feet stepped in and chose for me. Years ago I had problems with my arches and my Dr. threatened to slap me in a cast for 5 weeks. Maybe I've been dancing too much, or running around in my slippers too many hours of the day, but when my feet started killing me, I knew I had to do something.

So I did my research and found Alegria Paloma- cute little Mary Jane shoes that work magic on arches.I got them yesterday and they are awesome. Really.

CSN was super easy to work with and they even upgraded my shipping for free. Fast. I couldn't believe it.

Now my only problem is, I want more of those shoes! Aaaah. My arches don't hurt anymore... We'll see how my feet do after six hours of dancing between today and tomorrow.

No, I'm not getting too old for this. No way.


Jolene Perry said...

Awesome. I have high arches and am always looking for good shoes.
Those are awesome.

Melissa said...

Very cute! I hope your legs and feet feel WONDERFUL! :)

L.T. Elliot said...

Are the shoes comfy to wear? I'm always on the hunt for comfy black shoes. =]

Laura said...

Day 2- Yes- very comfy. And after dancing for an hour and a half, no sore arches! Yeah!