Friday, May 20, 2011

Randomness in no particular order

First, I must tell you how excited I am about my fourteen-year-old son taking first place in Districts yesterday for the high jump. YAY! Today he runs- and for the life of me I still can't keep straight which distances they are. I can remember the relay- I know, lame mom of me. But he's a great runner and I'm hoping he can get out there and do something he feels happy about at the end of the day.

And, yesterday we had a fabulous Spring Show with the Boise Cloggers. Honestly, I don't know how I ended up getting so many fantastic families to come to my studio. I feel so blessed. My dancers are more than talented athletes, they are true friends and bright individuals.

Speaking of gratitude. I had a surprise e-mail to made my day this morning...

I found and read Alvor one day at the BYU bookstore and loved it. Several months later I found myself interning at Cedar Fort. That was last summer and fall. Last week I read your book, Wings of Light and loved it. I'm a fan.

How awesome is that? It was very cool for me to hear from someone who found my book and fell in love. Oh, and please go to and buy a copy. Read it. Post a review for me.

You'll love it. You know you will. ;)

I found out last week that Wings of Light may or may not make it onto very many Brick and Mortar bookstore shelves. Complicated explanation, but it's usually cheaper online anyway. They say that online sales are higher than in-store sales now too. I never thought the day would come.

Okay- so I realized that I still have a couple of books sitting around that need a new home. I'll pick two winners- and the winners get to pick if they want a Middle Grade or Young Adult book as their prize.

What do you have to do?

*Leave a comment and tell me something random of your own.
*Make me feel better by promising you will read my book soon- or that you already have. Seriously people, Wings of Light is good. And summer is coming. You're going to need something fun to read.
*Your e-mail so I can tell you if you won.

Winners will be posted May 25.

Let the randomness begin!


Nate and Robin said...

I just got done posting a rental property add. I'm looking forward to having some pudding tonight. I really liked the black jackets that you and some cloggers wore once last night. I love whoppers the candy.
Is that random enough for ya?
OH, of course I'm going to read Wings of Light! What kind of person would I be if I didn't? A crazy one! :) I really am looking forward to reading it.

Farnsworth Family said...

Exciting things for you, Laura! The Spring Show was great, thanks for everything!!

Washington Hills said...
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emfawcett said...

Random: Babysitting.....with Wings of Light in my bag to read AGAIN!!!! once the kids are asleep! I will be recommending Alvor & Wings of Light to several friends for FANTASTIC summer reads!!

Tammy said...

When my grandson was first learning to talk, he would call me "Wayne"!?! It progressed to "Grommy Tommy" with a slight British accent (too much time watching Thomas the Train.) Last week, I was affectionately known as "Drammy!" No matter how you say it, this "Grammy Tammy" definitely knows that she is wuved! The show was great last night. Thanks a lot! I still need to pick up my autographed copy of your book!