Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To TCRG or not to TC, that is the question

(My oldest son in the middle and me on the left- St. Patrick's Day 2011)

The first week of February I sent in my ominous application to take the TCRG exams in October. About a month later, a packet came from Ireland with lots of study material in it. How exciting.

Then April and May hit me like a waterfall and I haven't been able to keep my head above water long enough to study anything. Zip.

So when I got an e-mail this morning with a confirmation letter to take the exams in October, I decided it was time to recommit to my original plan.

What would happen if I decided not to take the exams in October?

I would likely be barred from ever taking the TCRG exam. In my life. That's a pretty long time, and what if I regretted giving up because it was hard? Would I ever regret it?

Most likely. Darn it. When has hard ever stopped me before?

Oh yeah. Never.

It doesn't mean I'll pass my tests with flying colors, although that is the goal. But to get this close and give up because it will be a ton of work would be...depressing, pathetic, defeating or, yes, in the back corner of my mind I can admit that it would also be a tiny sigh of relief.

But then, giving up on anything hard would give an instant sense of relief, followed by a lifetime of what-ifs. It's the what-ifs that can kill you in the end.

Mmm, and for those of you who have no clue what in the world I'm talking about- I know you're out there- yeap, you- TCRG is a world-recognized certification to teach Irish Dance. It also allows your students to compete Irish dance at feis (pronounced fesh).

Yes, technically you can teach Irish dance without any certification at all, but only TCRG teachers are universally recognized as having credentials, which is why only TCRG students can compete in feis. There's also ADCRG- and that's one step above TCRG. Those are the adjudicators for feiseana.

So- yes, I'm gonna do it. Yes, I'm a little terrified. I really don't want to fail. I guess life is about taking risks, and lately I've been doing a lot of that. Gambling that one of these days, I'm going to get it right.

But if I never try, I never will.


Kerren said...

Just love your strength, determination, talents & tenacity! You inspire and amaze me, and I'm certain that you will succeed in meeting this goal! Just look at what you're accomplishing. You go girl!

Laura said...

Thanks Kerren. You're a gem. I realized yesterday that it's a full time job trying to keep up with everything I feel like I'm supposed to be doing. Hopefully the Lord will see fit to bless me with a brain that can hold on to it all.

I appreciate your warm thoughts. I might have to keep coming back to read them! :)