Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Blueberry Patch

I suppose it should come as no surprise that my family has a variety of artistic tendencies. I mean, I had to get it from somewhere. It's just that I hadn't ever really stopped to think about it that way before.

My older sister is a film maker. She specializes in documentaries (and doesn't read fiction, nope, not even if her sister wrote it.)

She has been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in one of my favorite places in the whole world- my grandparents' house in Pennsylvania. They live in a little village tucked away in the mountains. It feels like a miracle every time I visit- fresh air, green everything for as far as you can see, and of course, the miracle of having my grandparents there.

My grandpa is a cancer survivor. He's had it several times. Now he has Parkinson's disease too. He's been through a lot, but it never could take away his sense of humor. I wish this video showed a little of that side of him, but you're just going to have to take my word for it on that one. When I'm there that my grandma and grandpa have me laughing every day.

My grandpa has a gift with plants. The video shows off that the most. My grandma is an angel, but it's harder to capture that on film.

And what does any of this have to do with writing?


The last time I was in Pennsylvania, it practically broke my heart to have to go back home to Idaho. I wanted to take it with me. I wanted to be able to live in both places. And that is how my first book found a home. I could see the magic anytime just by writing it down and making it permanent. Alvor was born in a little village tucked away in the Pennsylvania hills. Erin and Bain live in my grandparent's house (with the addition of an imaginary basketball court).

If you've read Alvor, check out the house in the video. Take a look around the yard and you will see where the main characters live. It's amazing. And yes, I miss Pennsylvania so much. I wish wish wish I could go there again soon.

Till then, enjoy the virtual tour.


Farnsworth Family said...

That's neat to see into a little window of your family. Their property is beautiful! No wonder you love it there so much.

L.T. Elliot said...

Your grandfather is charming! Both of your grandparents are. And you could see the laughter in him there. Especially the part about getting energized every week. ;)

What a beautiful haven their home must be. It's so green, so full. I love the giant purple flowers! I was surprised at how pretty the coal looked, too!