Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Review from the Lateiner Gang

How is it that an Idaho girl can end up with friends from New Jersey even thought she's never been there?

Books are amazing things.

Two years ago, Dave Lateiner walked into his local Barnes & Noble and walked out with a copy of Alvor. He read it, loved it, reviewed it, and the next thing I know I get an e-mail from him. But that wasn't all. He wanted to do an author interview.

I was kind of shocked that my book found its way into the hands of someone like him, but I've been so glad it did.

And here to share his magic touch with book reviews (ignore his grammar mistakes, he'll get those fixed later today when he has a little more time)....

I give you the Lateiner Gang.

He wants a popping water fountain installed in his backyard and a changing brooch that actually works. So do I.

But since I can't give anyone those things, I can offer some free books instead. And yes, this time we're giving away Alvor and Wings of Light. You'll have to hop over to his blog over the next week or so for the details.

Here is another giveaway for the series you should check out. Squeaky Clean Reads


L.T. Elliot said...

An excellent review! I remember the one Lateiner gave for Alvor, too. What an honor!

Laura said...

Thanks L.T. - and I'm floored by their review too. Nice nice people.

Susan said...

From reading the first couple paragraphs, it looks like a great review.I'm glad they love the book and that they are giving it the exposure it deserves:)..unfortunately I find that their reviews are a bit too detailed for my taste...I like to be surprised.
I can't wait to see it on the shelves in the store :D

Dave said...

i think the real question is how does a guy from Jersey (Not The Situation.....) become friends with someone from Idaho???? Well for starters, she runs the Boise Cloggers.... enough said.... a Dancing author? Who could ask for a better friend?? As Laura stated, we are going to be running a giveaway on our site for a chance at some good old Alvor and Wings books. All kidding aside, Laura has become a great friend and one who I will HOPEFULLY meet one day in person! Maybe if Wings becomes a best seller, her pub will fly her out to BEA next year. Anyway, stop by our site over the next week or so and i am sure Laura will post about it here. SHOUT OUT TO P!



Laura said...

Ah, Dave. We so want to meet you in person. It will happen.