Friday, June 1, 2012

Dance Walk Baby

Okay, I stole this from my sister's facebook post.  But, I love it.  So funny.

But who has the guts?

I could totally see myself doing it.  Oh, I mean, I think I already have.  In the grocery store, in the parking lot, uhm, on the sidewalk.  Yep.  I'm a chronic dancer.

Maybe not in a way to include the whole world, but I find myself dancing just about everywhere.

And yes, even in a hospital room when I was sure the nurse wasn't coming in.  I am a rebel.

Loved it.  Hope you do to.


Farnsworth Family said...

That is AWESOME!! I think I smiled the whole time I watched it. He might be on to something!! :D

Laura said...


Leslie Pugh said...

I've seen that before but it makes me laugh still! So funny!

LouMac said...

Ha! I could not stop giggling. (Yes, occasionally I giggle...) It was really funny and definitely made my day!

Thanks for sharing!