Friday, June 8, 2012

I Believe In Jesus Too- Book Look

Mark Nielsen e-mailed me a little bit ago and asked if I would review his book.  I love books, and honestly, I nearly always say yes.  So when this gorgeous book came in the mail, I was excited and surprised.

I didn't know it was going to be a picture book.  I always get the YA books because that's what I write.

But I LOVE a good picture book.  I collect them with a vengeance.  Not just any picture book, though.  I need good ones.

And this, well, let me tell you how it went.

First, I read it to myself.  It was cool.  Simple idea.  Loved the testimony side of it.

Then, I read it to my two girls, who happened to find it on my bed while I was writing.  Oh, confession, I sit on my bed and write books nearly everyday.

So, I opened it up and started reading.  Several times my five-year-old reached up and turned the page back so she could look at the picture longer.

My seven-year-old said "cool" many times.

At the end of the story, I asked my five-year-old what she thought.  She said, "Read it again."

I asked, "But did you like it?"

"I loved it."

I don't think there is such thing as a better review than that.  The pictures are stunning.  The story is simple and yet it literally takes the reader all over the world with the turn of a page.  It has all the wonder of any favorite picture book, but is bold in its conviction of Jesus Christ. 

I rarely talk religion on this blog, but here goes.  I did get a tear at the end of the book, because I believe in Jesus too.

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