Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home Stretch Again

Okay, for those of you who have noticed my serious lack of constant posting, well, I'm amazed you've been paying that much attention. 

But, all that said, here's what's been going on. 

I'm almost done writing a brand new novel.  One that NO ONE has read.  Not even my husband.  Of course, that will change soon.  If anyone wants to be a beta reader, please e-mail me at laurabinghambooks at gmail dot com

You don't have to be an experienced writer, but you do have to be willing to give helpful feedback.  I need to know what you think so I can make the story better.  And "I think it was all completely awesome" isn't the kind of critique that will turn my novel into a shining piece.  So, if you know you have it in you to give the brutal honest truth, or if you are a rare one who likes to edit, send me a note.

And, I've been choreographing dances lately, and that takes time too. 

It's all what I love to do, but it's made me a busy girl. 

I'm excited to see if any of you would be willing to read a rough-edged manuscript.  I'm not quite done with the book yet, but I will be soon. 

Off to work I go!


Tamara Heiner said...

I just bought your book Alvor on Saturday at my book signing... :)

Laura said...

Wow. I wouldn't have guessed it would be in any stores. Thanks for that.