Thursday, March 19, 2009

It was so much fun... now back to work

St. Patrick's day was a blast. No disappointments. Sure, a few small snags, like getting lost on the Veteran's Grounds looking for building number 88 which is located next to building number 13 not by the flagpole. We walked all over and discovered that even the sheds had numbers on them and not a single building number was in numerical order. Hmm. Number 46 was by 77. Let's just say that my two boys and I made it to the show just in time for the last dance and my oldest son danced in his socks. He didn't have time to put his shoes on.

But we did make it to all the other performances all over town: schools, downtown Boise, retirement centers, the Veteran's hospital, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars place- it looks like a Bingo hall. And, it was fun. We lived off of Doritos, Irish Soda bread, and water. It wasn't bad. We had some really funny moments, like when my oldest son started doing an immitation of highland dancing while the bagpiper was playing outside of a school. He turned around to see that fifty something elementary school kids had lined up behind him to watch. My oldest was IMMITATING Highland dancing...meaning he looked like a complete doofus on purpose. When he turned around everyone clapped and cheered. He was mortified, but in a good way. Have you ever seen a bagpiper laugh while he's playing? I was laughing so hard that I had to wipe away the tears.

But, I promised myself that I would be good and get right back to work as soon as St. Patrick's Day was over. I'm happy to report that so far I have. Yeah, I know, it's only been a day. My house is kind of clean, the laundry is mostly done, and I wrote about 1500 words yesterday on my sequel to Alvor.

I'm so excited about the second book. Cool cool stuff. I think it's going to be even better than the first one, and you all are still waiting for that one to hit the shelves. May May May May. I tell myself that it will be here before I know it, but I don't really believe it. There's still Spring Break, Easter, my daughter's second birthday, my husband's birthday and Mother's day and probably clogging Nationals before I have a book in my hands. It seems like a long time.

But, another day, another chance. Thanks for giving me someone to ramble to. Maybe if I keep you posted on how much I'm getting done, I'll actually get more done. For the record, I'm now on 20,900 words give or take. For you writers out there, you know how it feels. For you civilians, just think of it as page 75 and I still have 215 pages left to write. This is getting depressing. Hmmm... how about instead, be impressed that I managed to write 75 pages considering how insane my life is most of the time.

When the successes of the day includes that your kids are dressed, the dishes are done and there's not some food item spread all over the house, it changes your perspective on everything else you do. Just so you know, my goal is only 1000 words 5x a week. That's about how much time I squeeze into my life. It's a new goal, so I'm going to see how well it works. You gotta have something to aim for or you'll never know if you hit the target or missed it by a mile.

Here's to new targets. I hope you all have one too.

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I miss ridiculous Irish dance performances! This sounds like it was so much fun!