Monday, March 30, 2009


I was reading my second book to my husband. He was really far behind, and I didn't know if he would ever catch up- I hardly ever read to him. But what got me was when I started crying during one of the chapters. Crying! I'm crying over characters that I MADE UP! -that don't actually exist and that I decided to make miserable things happen to. Woe. It was weird.

But my husband was so sweet. He told me that I loved my characters that much. He was right. Heart and soul- I love them all. Do they have special institutions for people like me?...

I love writing. Where else can you control the universe and everyone in it? Ha ha! I guess that really does make me crazy.

Well, I have to confess something else. I didn't like the Twilight movie the first time I saw it. The spider monkey tree climbing thing really killed the moment for me.

But, I bought the movie anyway. And I liked it so much better the second time. I had already prepared myself for the spider monkey scene, so I was able to enjoy everything else a little more.

And, in other news, I bought a book at a bookstore last weekend. If I had enough money, I would have bought around 20 books. There are so many that I want to read right now!!! I'm trying to be good. I go to bookstores every week at least once. I "window shop" a lot. I have a list of around 30 books that I want to read right now.

But, Brandon Mull is coming to Boise next week. He'll be at Barnes and Nobles at 7:00 on April 7, and my boys and I will be there with his latest Fablehaven book. It will be so fun.

I went to another book signing at Seagull Bookstore on Saturday, but the author wasn't there! The manager said she took off two hours early. We had a pretty good conversation about what she liked authors to do at book signings. It was cool. She said she would put in a good word for me at the next managers meeting- where they decide what books their going to buy.

It's almost April. Hold onto your seats, it's going to be a good ride.

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Annette Lyon said...

Sure, there's a place for people like you. It's called a "publisher." :D

(Thanks so much for your support in the teacher thing, by the way. You're absolutely right--the teacher is everything.)