Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barnes & Noble BookFair

I just found out this morning what time I will be at the American Fork Library in Utah. For the record, it's this Friday, July 17 from 3-4 PM.

What I didn't realize until today was that I'm signing at the Barnes & Noble BookFair. The fair will be held on the second floor mezzanine of the Library. The event is in celebration of the Steel Days Art Show.
Barnes & Noble will provide a wide selection of books- you can buy one for yourself or donate it to the library. And, if they don't have the book you want, they'll order it and ship it to your house.
A percentage of the net sales will be donated to the American Fork Library.

Ahh, a good cause. Now you can buy a book and be donating to a library at the same time.

This Friday I am going to another Barnes & Noble. From 7-9 PM I will be at the Gateway Mall location. Very fun. I can't wait. The last time I was in Utah, we walked around the Gateway Mall and I said, "I'm going to sign there some day." Some day just happened to come along a lot faster than I thought. Bring your date, or your kids. Buy a smoothie and come visit me.

And, on Saturday, I'm going to one of my favorite stores.

Confetti Antiques & Books
273 North Main Street
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Saturday July 18th: 10-12 pm: I'm going to be there signing with Dennis Mangrum, author of The Mystic Cipher

Over a three day stretch, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, July 18-21, they are going to have 30 author signings. 30. That's incredible. I wish I could stay and meet everyone.

And, if you've never been to the Confetti shop, they have tons of cool stuff there. I wanted to spend an hour just looking at all of it. The last time I signed at their store, my 12 year old son was with me and he had a blast checking out the goods. I think the knives and swords excited him the most. Something for everyone.

And no, I didn't buy him a weapon while we were there, but he did learn a few skateboard tricks from the owner's son, and that did make his day. My oldest would tell you that if you go to Confettie Books, be sure to bring your skateboard. For the rest of the world, bring your imagination and a few dollars. Even a couple quarters will buy you an old fashioned sucker.

Now I'm sounding like a commercial.

I just really liked their store.

Okay, if you live in Utah, or happen to be visiting this weekend, please come and meet me. I would love to see you. And if you bring your skateboard, you'll have to find the owner's son at Confetti. I won't be able to help you with any cool skateboard tricks. I only know how to roll down the sidewalk.

My brother would roll his eyes if he could see me skateboard. Yeah, Nate, I know. How's the new board?


L.T. Elliot said...

I'm so glad you found out when you're going to be at the library! Hooray! That's awesome about the book fair!
Can't wait for Friday!!

Magenta said...

Hi Laura.

You don't know me, but I'm one of James Dashner's followers. When he started that weirdness contest a couple posts ago, I noticed your cool looking profile pic, so I decided to check you out.

Before reading this blog, I'd never even heard of your book. (Sorry. ~_~) But that all changed after I read your entire archive of posts and the first chapter that you generously provide at the bottom.

First of all... love the story so far! You've got awesome skills as an author and I wish that I could read the whole thing. I'm definitely going to be looking for it in my bookstore now.

Second of all, you are totally an inspiration to me! You started your blog without any huge expectations of your book making it big, but then I read about how you go on book signings and events and meet the James Dashner...? I mean, wow! (I lol-ed when you wrote about him actually hugging you!)

This is probably a longer comment than you're used to (sometimes I'm prolific like that) but I just wanted you to know that I'm now going to follow you and I hope we can be good friends. I myself am trying to write my own novel, so I hope you will be gracious enough to give me any advice you can.

Thanks! Bettina, aka Magenta

Laura said...

Wow. You read the whole thing. That's like reading an entire book or somethng. How very committed of you.

Yes, I am a completely unknown author. And, only a year and a half or so ago, completely unknown to even myself.

But you have to start somewhere. All authors start out as a unknown. The good news is, you can only go up from there.

James is awesome. Can't say enough nice about him.

Please tell the world what you think after you've read my book. Amazon.com or Goodreads or a blogpost, or whatever. I need all the help I can get.

Sign of a writer... really long posts. I think that makes you official. I love it!

Magenta said...

Laura, you are so awesome! 10 or so minutes after I put my comment up, and you reply me?! I couldn't believe it! (I knew so fast because I subscribed to follow-up comments by email.)

I run the risk of writing another blog-post-length comment, because I want to reply to everything, so I'm just going to email you, okay?

Nate and Robin said...

Haha. I would LOVE to see you skateboard. You would do way better then I did. I stood on the board for maybe 5 seconds and then was lying flat on my back. I laughed so hard and Nate just kind of stood there looking at me like I was crazy. That was before we started "dating". It really was funny. Now I can stand on one with hitting the ground. Maybe some day I'll be okay at it.

Anonymous said...

When are you signing in Minnesota? :)

Laura said...

Minnesota? Wouldn't I love to. Are we talking Minneapolis? It's right above Iowa where I was born. Never been to Minnesota.

Robin- loved the imagery of watching you skateboard with my brother. Wish I could have been there.