Friday, July 31, 2009

Give Me Five

The historic day has finally arrived- my twins turned five today. I know, I hardly mention them, almost never show you pictures, but hey, today's pretty important.
And, rest assured- this picture is fresh- I took it ten minutes ago. Proof that we survived five whole years together.
They're awesome. She wanted a purple butterfly birthday, he wanted an orange dragon birthday- so it looks like a mish-mash on our ceiling with sections of pink and purple girly colors and sections of cool monster colors.
Tell me how you decorate girly and cool boy in the same room without it having a major clash effect.
They don't care. They loved it.
Five. I can hardly believe they'll be in kindergarten. Kindergarten! I mean, three and a half hours five days a week. They're going to be in heaven. Friends everyday, pictures to color and toys to play on outside. It's like a dream come true, and we haven't even mentioned the school bus yet. The big yellow bus that carries all big kids to a magical world of school. They've watched their brothers climb onto that yellow bus their whole lives, and now the mystery is about to unfold before their very eyes.
What's not to love?
Oh yeah, and then there's all that free time I admit it. I think I am looking forward to it too.
But summer's not over yet- thank goodness. We're going swimming today and then everyone is off in different directions next week so I can be in Utah.
I think Utah is growing on me. Over the last three months I've been there four times.
Logan is my first stop next Saturday- August 8. Book Table from 10:30-2:00. Tuesday, August 11, I'm spending some time in Park City at Dolly's Book Store from 1-3. That same night I'll be at Barnes & Noble in Orem for the Authorpalooza from 7-10 PM. Then, rounding it off in Layton at Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, August 12 from 12-2.
Okay, I'll spend time getting you all hyped up about that later.
Right now, I'm going to slather the kids in sunscreen and jump into a pool. After all, clean houses are over-rated and my twins will only turn five once.


a muse-er said...

a-muser likes this idea and wishes she could sneak into the swim toys bag if only to go swimming. Aside from a few water fights at the fountain across from her work, she has not been swimming at all in approximately a year. Happy birthday to the two and enjoy the beautiful day. The 31st is an excellent day to be born as my own papa shares the day.

Magenta said...

Happy Birthday to your twins! They look so adorable together!

Do your kids know that they share a birthday with J. K. Rowling? ^,~ Wacky, huh?

Lucky you, going to Utah again. You'll tell me whenever it is you tour in Florida, right?

Laura said...

I didn't even realize that it was Rowling's birthday.

And- amuser- I wish you big pools of cool water on a hot day.

I have always loved swimming. Someday, someday, I'm going to have a pool of my very own.

L.T. Elliot said...


I love swimming too and you're right, someday you'll have a pool of your own. ;)

Melissa said...

Happy Happy Birthday W&J! What treasures you are!