Monday, August 3, 2009

And it's only August 3

If the rest of the month goes by like the first three days- August is going to be completely crazy. I know, blogs are where one can look organized and on top of things to the whole world while the toys and laundry piles up in several areas of the house, but seriously... I'm running out of blank days on the calendar.

Not book related, but still cool- I spent Saturday afternoon at the National Guard base performing for and enjoying the Diversity Days celebration. Wow, did they take good care of us. It was unbelievable. They offered ice cold water bottles to us the second we arrived, and asked us to stay for dinner- which I totally did. Meanwhile, "Go check out the free school supplies donated by Family Dollar." I got most of my back to school list of supplies for FREE. Holy cow.

And, if that doesn't just make every mom's day- there was jump houses for the kids, free face painting, and enough candy for all. Between that and not having to cook dinner, I was in mom paradise.

Oh yea, I should mention that my cloggers totally rocked. Our shoes were really loud and everything echoed of the metal covering making us deafening. But we were outside and considering how loud their jets are, I'm sure we hardly made a dent in anyone's hearing.

So, back from the National Guard and onward to a preschool show tomorrow. Nothing too big or too small for my dancers. I talked to the gal who organizes the Women's Fitness Celebration entertainment and she said they had our name down in a hundred places so they wouldn't forget to invite us to their event. I'm sure she was exaggerating- but still- what a nice thing to say.

Changing the subject to writing...
so close, so very close to the end of Book 2. So close.

And, Utah, here I come.

Logan on Saturday- August 8. Book Table from 12:30-3:30-- notice the time change.

Tuesday, August 11, Park City at Dolly's Book Store from 1-3.

Same night -Barnes & Noble in Orem for the Authorpalooza from 7-10 PM.

And Layton at Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, August 12 from 12-2.

I think I'm supposed to post a whole blog thing about the Authorpalooza, which apparently is a big deal. My publisher even e-mailed me to tell me to be sure to wear clean clothes that are pressed if necessary. Talk about posh. The pressure... ha ha.

So, I'm thinking I'll have to paint my toes or something. You know, make it really special. Maybe even wear a necklace or something. We'll have to see.


Melissa said...

Funny. Did he think you'd show up in cut offs? :)

I'd love for my kids to take dance classes from you. Can that be arranged?

L.T. Elliot said...

Have a fun time!

Laura said...

I would love for your kids to take, but the commute would be a killer. I mean Maryland. Maybe if you moved to Idaho, somewhere within a 40 mile radius would work. Then we could see you all the time!

L.T.- we're totally going to have to find a way to see each other. I've got tons of free time on Monday... one week from today.

Dave said...

Good luck on the signing tour! Also, thank you for your email. I already replied! I wanted to comment on your "flying slug" post. I do believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. In my field, finance (yuck with this economy), I have changed jobs a few times over the years. Some of them have been taking a step backwards to take 2 steps forwards. I finally have the job I am happy with. I had to think back on the jobs I left that I second guessed myself for. However, had I not made that switch each time I did, I would not be where I am now. Just a thought I wanted to share and again, thanks so much for your interview. I am looking forward to it!

Dave said...

Ooh, almost forgot. If anyone on your site wants to check out my book review site, I will be doing an author interview with Laura real soon AND holding a contest to give away a copy of "ALVOR"! (Shame on you if you don't already own a copy, but if you don't, now you can enter to win one). Look for them both in the upcoming weeks and thank you again Laura for this opportunity!

Magenta said...

Dave, way to promote your family's book reviewing site! I'm so glad that you seem to have enjoyed Alvor. So much that you'll giving it away in a contest!!!

You better post that interview with Laura (I would love to read about it) and the rules of your contest very soon. If there's any way I can get another awesome book with little effort, I'm going for it!

Oh, sorry. And I liked the post, Laura. I'm glad you got all your back-to-school supplies for free.

Dave said...

Thanks Magenta, and thanks for all of your support on my site as well. Laura was super kind enough to give us an interview as well as a book to give away for the site as our first contest! Now, Magenta, you know im counting on you to promote this for me! After all, im pretty sure it was you who suggested the book! Thanks again to both you and Laura, and when I hear back from Laura,I will shoot her over the questions for the interview! SO excited! :O)

Laura said...

Wow, I get busy for one day and I find out you guys are having all sorts of fun.

You're making me smile.

It is kind of weird having people talk about you like you're not their on your own blog. Um, even though I wasn't there.

Alright- for those of you who don't know- Dave rocks. Go to his blog and read his book reviews.

And- you're right. Everything happens for a reason. I never once in my entire life thought I would grow up to be a writer.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Ha! Loved your point about how blogs let us look all nice and organized to the rest of the world while our actual houses are in serious need of attention. So true. Kind of nice, too, that there's at least one place where we can control what we look like.