Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Back

Yay for all of you! You made it to the 25 different people commenting. Very cool. Today's the last day to enter- if there are any of you out there who have been holding out.

And now, a quick scoop on what I've been up to for the last week.....

Yes, that's my actual arm. I was kind of taking a break from writing in general. No, I didn't hurt my wrist by writing. No, it's not carpal tunnel syndrome. Someone called it writer's block yesterday and I had a hard time arguing with that. It is a lot harder to write with the brace on.

So, I know you're all wondering what happened. Here's the story. I don't know. If any of you have read Twilight, I have a couple things in common with Bella. I like to read and I'm a total clutz- you know, tripping over things on a regular basis.

That's all we have in common, though. I'm not in love with a vampire and, thank goodness, I CAN dance. Which brings me to another person's comment to me the other day. She said that she thinks dancers have to have music on to be graceful. It might actually be true.

So, no, it's not broken- whew. And yes, it's getting better.

And now that it doesn't hurt as much as it used to, I think I'll be doing a whole bunch of writing.

In other news, I spent the weekend in Baker City, Oregon doing a lot of dancing and a bit of book signing. There's a fabulous little bookstore there called Betty's Books. Carolyn, the owner, is really nice. I met some new people and even spent an hour chatting with a small group about writing and books. Lots of fun.

They have the coolest picture in an art shop that looks like it came right out of my book. The picture is partly constructed out of wood so that it has dimension. It's a 3-D painting.

And, for a mere price of $2000, it could be mine. ha ha. I wish I had that much money to spend. Anyway, they did take a picture of me and a couple of teens with the picture and hopefully they will e-mail it to me. I'll post it if they do.

The picture looks like the Door of Vines in the cabin idea with a whole lot less vegetation and more cabin. If you've read the book- you'll get it. In the painting, the door is open and Aelflaed is picking flowers. Well, a more brunette version of Aelflaed. Okay, it's not a perfect replica, but it's the best I've seen.

Hmm, wrist is already hurting. So much for getting a lot of writing done.

Now I need to clean my house, unpack from the trip and see about fixing the washing machine. Who says being a writer isn't glamorous? Ha ha ha....


A. Grey said...

Yikes, glad the wrist is on the mend! I actually pinched my median nerve a couple of weeks ago and had to really cut back on writing and typing and wore a brace to sleep in (of all things) so that it didn't get bent into a weird position that would further compress the nerve. The embarrassing part is that I pinched it whacking a horse on the butt open-palmed and worse yet, I've been around horses eighteen years. I'm perfectly aware of how hard their butts are...

Magenta said...

I can't wait until tomorrow! ^__^

Too bad about your arm, though. ~,~ I remember breaking my arm when I was... uh... 8 or something. Sorry, can't really be sure of the age. So many years ago. Anyway, it was very hard to cope with, since I'm a righty. But it healed quickly enough, and both my arms are strong and healthy. ^,^

I like thinking of myself as having plenty in common with Bella as well. We share the same astrological sign, brown hair and eyes, and I'm a hopeless romantic (not with vampires, of course). However, I pride myself on not sharing her trait of clumsiness. Or paleness, but that's besides the point. =P

Anyway, hope your arm heals soon and you get everything you want done... well, done. ^,^

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm sorry about your arm. I hope it gets better soon! (At least you have the joy of saying you CAN dance. I sucketh.)
Take care and feel better soon!

Laura said...

You guys are awesome. Grey- at least I don't have to tell people I was spanking a horse.
Magenta- I'm a righty too. And, for more shared Bella traits- I am really white. Sunless tanning cream in the summer, baby.
L.T.- love the word 'sucketh'. I'm going to have to use that in a sentence today with my kids.