Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath

Aaahh. Feels good.

The Kiwanis presentation went well. It was my first time ever visiting a Kiwanis club. Nice people. For some reason I was expecting a bunch of men in funny hats or something. Maybe I'm thinking of the Flinstones cartoon.

Really, I had no idea what to expect or what they expected out of me. Considering all things, I think it went pretty smoothly. Lunch first. A good opportunity to drop something like salad dressing or salsa all over myself, but miraculously, I didn't.

Then things got rolling with announcements and all that meeting stuff. When it was time for me to present, there was a little less than 20 minutes left.

I did my best to go through the presentation without speed talking and hoped that the whole thing worked out okay. And, because I tried hurrying so I wouldn't get gonged or something, there was time for questions. That's when the fun started. There were so many questions. I think we could have kept going for another half hour- but we ended right on time- thanks to the president standing and clapping. Universal symbol of this party's overrrr.

It was fun talking to different people afterwards about books and writing. I might even get a chance to work with the Jordan School district in Utah if I'm lucky.

It would be great to get other opportunities like this. Once the ice broke, it really was fun. And now that I know what to expect, I don't think I would be as nervous the next time.

Okay... in other news... everyone go check out Six LDS Writers and a Frog. They asked me to be a guest on their blog, and it's already posted. Thanks guys!

So, tomorrow I'm signing books at B. Dalton in Nampa at the Karcher Mall from 11-3 PM. I'm thinking power bars or something. Yeah, I'm a wimp and get hungry during lunch time. Hey, if anyone wants to visit me and smuggle in some food, I'm all for it.


Melissa said...

Glad it went well. :) If I was in Nampa I'd be at Karcher and smuggle in a pretzel or some sort of mall food. Have a fun time!

Dave said...

Congrats on the speech! Glad it went well. Its just practice for when you will have to speak in front of 1000 people one day! And as much as I'd love to sneak you some snacks, they would probably be spoiled by the time I drove there. Sorry! Good luck with the signing and sell a bunch!

L.T. Elliot said...

I knew it would go well. You're brilliant and talented. How could it not go well?
Congratulations and I hope your wrist is feeling better!

Laura said...

Melissa- I ended up sitting right across from the Pretzel shop. I thought of you.

And, I cheated and left the signing an hour early. I only had four books left, and things were pretty slow at the mall.

But, thanks, east coast residents, for wishing me lunch.

L.T.- writst is doing great. Still working on the brilliant thing though. love you too!