Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book Stores, White Fudge and a Free Book

The last few days were great. I even got to spend some time on Easy Street. - Can you see the sign?

After meeting a couple authors and a few folks at the Book Table in Logan, not to mention being completely spoiled while I was there- home-cooked meals, quality time, and losing a round of some kind of card game that's a lot like scrabble- I headed farther down south into Utah.

On Tuesday, I discovered a cool little place called Park City. I spent a couple hours at Dolly's Books, an adorable little shop in the middle of a tourist trap marketplace where some of the Olympic skiing events were held a few years back.

And, did I mention the candy? Sue had the candy company bring in a tray of white fudge and rice crispy treats for anyone who talked to me. It must have worked- I sold almost all of my books. The hard part was not eating the whole tray of fudge while I sat next to it for two hours.

I can't believe I've never visited Park City before. I'm definetly going back.

All of it is this beautiful.

Orem was a unique experience. I wish we would have taken more pictures. The Authorpalooza ended up being fun and unusual. Now that James Dashner beat me to posting my own picture, it takes some of the fun out of it. But, here it is, anyway

It was fun talking to the other authors, and meeting a lot of them for the first time. And, I can't tell you how cool and strange it was to have people come up to my table and tell me that they've been following my blog. Sometimes I forget that the whole universe is welcome to read about my quirks. One lady told me that if it wasn't fun, it wouldn't be worth it. So, sorry world, I'm still planning on being me. At least you'll have something to laugh about on a regular basis.

There were so many great people I could tell you about. I finally got to meet Jeff Savage, author of Farworld. Someone dragged him over to my table and he had me sign one of my books for him. It was fun talking to him, and James Dashner, and all the authors too. There were 35 authors, minus the few that didn't come, and a couple that left early. The most disappointing part was realizing how many authors I didn't meet at the end of the night. The ones I missed as I took little field trips from my table and ventured out into the store.

Utah- I won't be gone for long. I've already got plans for more events- and school visits. It's going to be so fun.

And, last but not least, you need to go to Dave's blog. He's done a lot for me lately. Check out the book review, author interview and, drum roll please....... a book giveaway. If you don't go, you can't win. Besides, aren't you interested in the author interview? I answered all the questions in the middle of the night on a laptop while I was in Utah. No spell check or editing. Just the raw me. I can't believe he cut and pasted the whole interview off the e-mail. It makes me laugh.


Magenta said...

Great post! Sounds like you had soooo much fun in Utah. ^,^ I have tiny pangs of jealousy every time I read about a friend who went to the Authorpalooza, but they're overshadowed by all the happy feelings I have for those friends.

I'll definitely have to visit Utah someday. It looks beautiful up there! I promise I'll go to next year's Authorpalooza. ^_~ Especially if you happen to be there again.

Ha. I've already been to Dave's blog. I think I'm pretty high in the running. ^,^

Laura said...

Magenta- I would love to get the chance to meet you. Hopefully you win my book so you can finally read it. One of these days you might have to break down and buy one. Kind of like me and Maze Runner- my birthday is his release date. Still trying to get it before that, though. Trying, but so far not succeeding.

L.T. Elliot said...

You look gorgeous in your pic (but when don't you?) and I'm so glad you had a good time. Park City is quaint and fun. The candy up's a good thing I don't live nearby.

I'll be sure to check out Dave's blog. Congrats on selling so many books! I'm glad other people are having the chance to love it too!

A. Grey said...

So exciting! I must say, I would never have made it two hours next to fudge. No way. Not even two minutes.

The pictures were beautiful! It sounds a bit snooty, but I never really thought of Utah as being so attractive a lush. I always just sort of pictured it as, well, tan. Glad you had a good trip! And I enjoy reading about your quirks so keep'em coming! ;P

A. Grey said...

By the way I'm a twin myself! :) Got an identical sister...

Laura said...

Grey- that is so cool. Thanks for enjoying my quirks.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

My daughter and I met you at the bookstore in Park City and I wanted to let you that she was reading your book on the plane ride back to California and loves it! She says it's very very good. And she's thrilled that it's signed by the author. :)

(reposted for bad grammar)

Laura said...

Thanks for letting me know. I love it when kids fall in love with a book.

I'm guessing you're the San Francisco family, but I could be wrong.

I hope you pass the book around so you all can enjoy it!

Synergy Girl said...

Hey sis!! I love to hear about all of your adventures...!! You sound like you are enjoying the life of an author!! You do look SO GORGEOUS!!! Hope to see ya before Christmas or something...although, I never really see you then either...UGH!!!!