Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day in the Life

I heard someone critique another writer's work last week, and she said, "It sounds too much like a day in the life story."

Well, here goes my version of the dreaded 'a day in the life' story.

On Saturday our washing machine starts acting strange. Monday the engine literally burned up- the house smelled terrible. My husband found another washing machine just like ours, only bigger, on Craigs List for $50. Turns out the heating element in their dryer died so the family decided to replace both the washer and dryer. Good for us. For a half day we had a running washer and dryer.

Then the heating element died in our dryer yesterday. Not kidding.

Today is the lull day in our week, kind of. Things don't start getting crazy until the afternoon.

Tomorrow we start the day out with a Flapjack Feed for United Way. My cloggers are dancing for them- which means so are my kids and I. Should be fun. Oh, and we get to meet our kids' school teachers during clogging lessons that night too. Piece of cake.

Friday I'm going to the Kiwanis club to do a presentation. I'm ready. No idea how it's going to be though. I've never been to the Kiwanis before.

Saturday. Well, everyone starts going different directions first thing in the morning- but I'll go to B. Dalton in the Karcher Mall in Nampa from 11-3.

And then Monday school starts.

My days of sleeping in are numbered.

Now it's your turn to tell me how boring my 'day in the life' story is. Or maybe how glad you are that you're not trying to figure out how to do wash for seven people without a dryer or a clothesline. Either one. Or, you know, if you have any words of wisdom about presenting to Kiwanis.

I should tell you- I'm okay with it all, looking forward to most of it and other than the dryer- I feel lucky to get to have what is in my life right now.


The Blaisdell Family said...


Not sure if you know me, my husband Craig and I were in your ward before it split last fall '08. Anyway, Becky Church brought to my attention your new book you have out. Congrats!! I bet that is such a good feeling to see something YOU did published like that with YOUR name on it! That's amazing. And I can't believe you did all this in a rather short time line too!

Congrats again and good luck in all your future journeys with being an author. That is so exciting!!!

Laura said...

Thanks for your kind words. Becky just stopped me at church today and said that she found my book and decided I was finally coming out of my shell. Apparently I came off as shy to her. Makes me laugh- I really only see her at church where you're not really suppose to talk. Good to 'see' you again. Let me know what you think of the book.